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Grammar of Class 11 (Unit 17 - Infinitive and Gerund)

   Infinitive and Gerund (Grammar)

Unit-17: Globalization and Diaspora (Page 158)

Infinitive and gerund

A. Study the following examples.

It didn't stop raining all day yesterday.

She promised to take me there.

It started raining. or It started to rain.

She stopped smoking three years ago.

It was hot, so we stopped to have a drink.


Verbs usually followed by –ing

verbs that are usually followed by the infinitive

Verbs followed by either form

stop, finish, imagine,

suggest, recommend,

 avoid, mind, miss,

risk, enjoy

decide, hope, offer, fail,

agree, forget, manage, learn,

afford, arrange, ask, expect,

plan, promise, want, invite

start, begin,





B. Complete each sentence using what/how/where/whether + one of these


apply          get     do      ride   use    go

a.   Do you know …… to Rama’s house?

Ans: Do you know how to get to Rama's house.

b.   I don’t know …… for the job or not.

Ans: I don’t know whether to apply for the job or not.

c.      Have you decided …… for your picnic?

Ans: Have you decided where to go for your picnic.

d.   Can you show me …… this camera?

Ans: Can you show me how to use this camera?

e.   Ask Hari. He’ll tell you …… a how to ride bicycle.

Ans: Ask Hari. He will tell you how to ride bicycle.

f.    I was really astonished. I didn’t know …… on the horse.

Ans:  was really astonished. I didn’t know what to do on the horse.

C. Paraphrase the following sentences using the verb in brackets as in the example.

(You can use the structure: S+ verb inside brackets +to+V1+ remaining all.)

Example: She has lost her weight. (seem)

She seems to have lost her weight.

a.   Mahesh forgets closing the windows. (tend)

Ans: Mahesh tends to forget closing the windows.

b.  Your car has broken down. (appear)

Ans: Your car appears to have broken down.

c.   Ashika is worried about her exam. (seem)

Ans: Ashika seems to be worried about her exam.

d.  They have developed the theory. (claim)

Ans: They claim to have developed the theory.

e.   He’s enjoying his new job. (pretend)

Ans: He pretends to be enjoying his new job.

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