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Some Model Essays

 Some Essays

1. My school CLICK HERE

2. My village CLICK HERE

3. Rivers in Nepal CLICK HERE

4. My Aim in Life CLICK HERE

5. Domestic Animal I Like Most CLICK HERE

6. Student Life CLICK HERE

7. A Place of Historical Importance CLICK HERE

8. Importance of English Language CLICK HERE

9. Student Life CLICK HERE

10. Value of Time CLICK HERE

11. Importance of Education CLICK HERE

12. Evils of Dowry CLICK HERE

13. Democracy CLICK HERE

14. Importance of Agriculture in Nepal CLICK HERE

15. Tourism in Nepal CLICK HERE

16. Discipline CLICK HERE

17. Telephone CLICK HERE

18. Newspaper CLICK HERE

19. Television CLICK HERE


21 The Festival I Like Most CLICK HERE

21 The Increasing Price of Petrol and Diesel in Nepal CLICK HERE.

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