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Grammar 11 (Unit-3- Prepositions of Direction)

Prepositions of direction

Unit 3: Media and Society (Page 26)

Prepositions of direction


A. Look at the following prepositions of direction with examples.

Preposition           Example

away from- Why are you going away from me?

across-        She walked across the road.

along-         A soldier walked along the rope.

out of-         He came out of the room.

up to-          He came up to her and asked a question.

past-           The bullet whistled past my right ear.

through-     The river runs through the woods.

to-               This bus goes to Dhankuta.

into-            The thief jumped into a car and drove away.

round-        We travelled round the country.

onto-           The cat climbed onto the roof.

towards-     He started walking towards the library.

off-              Don’t jump off that wall.


B. Complete the following sentences using the correct prepositions of direction: to, toward, onto, or into.

a. Prem drove Milan …… the airport.

b. The plane landed …… the runway.

c. The kids climbed …… the monkey bars.

d. Manish and Richa moved the table …… the dining room.

e. Ganesh almost fell …… the river.

f. Lalit and Sarita took the bus that was heading …… the university.

Answer: a. to

              b. onto

              c. onto

              d. into

              e. into

              f. toward


C. Complete the sentences with the correct preposition from the brackets.

a.   While we were hiking …… the forest, we saw a mountain lion. (across/ through/along/under)

b.  The leopards walked in a circle …… the baby giraffe before they attacked. (into/towards/round/through)

c.   Go …… the building and turn left. (into/up/off/out of)

d.  She ran …… home when she was eighteen. (towards/away from/down/ across)

e.   Raindrops ran …… the windscreen making it difficult to see the road. (into/up/down/over)

f.    Hemanta put the plate …… the table and began to eat his dinner. (onto/ into/up/off)

g.  The frightened deer disappeared …… the forest. (up/onto/into/toward)

h.  We were driving …… the City Centre when we had an accident. (up/into/ towards/along)

i.    The smoke from the fire went …… into the sky. (into/up/to/onto)

Answer: a. through

              b. round

              c. out of

              d. away from

              e. down

              f. onto

              g. into

              h. towards

              i. up

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