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Grammar 11 (Unit- 9- should and had better)

Should and had better

Unit-9: Democracy and Human Rights (Page 79)

Should and had better

Rule: 'Should' is used to give general advice, 'shouldn’t'  is used not to do the act and had better is used to give strong advice.

A. Look at these examples.

You look tired. You should go to bed.

It might rain. You had better take an umbrella.

B. Complete the sentences with should or shouldn't. Use one of these verbs.

drink visit leave roam quit

a. You have really done a wonderful job. I recommend you …… it.

Ans: shouldn’t quit

b. That's a very dangerous area. Tourists …… there.

Ans: shouldn’t visit

c. I'm going to be late. Do you think I …… now?

Ans: should leave

d. Children …… sugary drinks. It's not very healthy.

Ans: shouldn’t drink

e. I have lots of homework. I …… here and there today.

Ans: shouldn’t roam


C. Put in had better or should.

a. I think you …… learn English to enroll a university course.

b. It's a great film. You …… go and see it.

c. I have to meet my friend in ten minutes. I …… go now or I'll be late.

d. These biscuits are delicious. You …… try one.

e. We …… get to the airport by 2 pm or else we may miss the flight.

f. When people are driving, they …… keep their eyes on the road.

g. I …… get up early tomorrow. I've got a lot to do.


a.     should    b. should     c. had better          d. should     e. had better         

f. should      g. should

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