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Marriage as a Social Institution (Essay) Exercise



a. According to the author, what is marriage?

Answer: According to the author, marriage is the union of two people who are legally, morally, and culturally tied and have a variety of close personal relationships and associations.

b. How is marriage an institution?

Answer: Marriage is an institution because the relationship between the couples is recognised by social ang legal law as a means of meeting social, economic, physical, and family requirements, and it serves many functions for a community like other institutions.

c. What are the rules that a marriage has?

Answer: Marriage has a large set of rules that help in the planning and maintaining the spouses' life.

d. Why does marriage matter to men?

Answer: Marriage matters to men because it provides structure to their lives and organizes their goals and ambitions. They become responsible in social, economic, physical, and family requirements.

e. What is one of the central problems in modern society?

Answer: One of the central problems in modern society is putting various legitimate boundaries around modern individuals' limitless desires for their well-being, recreation and prestige.

f. What does social capital consist of?

Answer: Social capital consists of a large network of people who are connected by a bond of reliability and trustworthiness.

g. What is normative marriage? Explain.

Answer: A normative marriage is the marriage which follows social norms and values or the one which is built on pre-established norms and values. For example, in the United States, the six dimensions that define normative marriage.  


a. Discuss six dimensions that define normative marriage in America.

Answer: Marriage exists everywhere, although the concept of marriage varies by location. Every civilization has its own set of marital traditions and values. Whatever it is, it allows two adults of opposite sexes the legal right to live as life partners, satisfying each other's desires. Every marriage, in every area, follows norms, values and patterns, and the same is true in the United States. In America, the structured marriage known as normative marriage has six dimensions.  They are:

1. Marriage is a free personal choice, based on love.

2. Maturity is a presumed requirement for marriage.

3. Marriage is a heterosexual relationship.

4. The husband is the head, and principal earner, in a marriage.

5. Sexual fidelity and monogamy are expectations for marriage.

6. Marriage typically involves children.

b. Do marriages differ according to culture? How is your marriage practice different from marriage in America?

Answer: Marriages differ according to culture. We find different types of marriages in different cultures and locations. Even within our country, the marriages of one geographical region is different from another geographical region. For example, the marriage tradition of Terai region is different from the marriage tradition of mountainous region. Similarly, the marriage practices of Hindu people are different than the practices of Buddhist people. However, the Hindu religion is followed by the majority of Nepalese people. So, it is mostly guided by Hindu religion. Marriage, in our opinion, is a social, spiritual, cultural, and legal connection between a man and a woman as husband and wife. It is also the beginning of a relationship between two families. Our marriage practices are different from those in the United States because our practices are guided by Hindu tradition, whereas the practices of United States are guided by Christian tradition. They follow different trends for wedding ceremony.

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