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Soft Storm (Poem) Exercises

 Soft Storm

by Abhi Subedi

Understanding the text

Answer the following questions.

a. When does the speaker grow soft? Enlist the occasions when he grows soft.

Answer: The speaker grows soft when he hears the tumult, the sky grows like crocuses, the moon skids down, homeless children cry due to hunger, forlorn children cry in search of mother etc.

b. What do you understand by this seamless city?

Answer: By ‘this seamless city’ I understand the place having no awkward transitions, interruptions or indications. It also refers to the problem less or unified city of the past. It's no more than the recall of the past time when there were very fewer social problems in the society.

c. Describe the poor children portrayed in the poem. or indications.

Answer: The children in the poem are poor and homeless. Such children are seen in Thamel. They cry because of hunger under the bat-bearing trees of Kesharmahal. They cry and wail to find their mother too.

d. What do you understand by the unwedded gardens of history?

Answer: By 'unwedded gardens of history' we understand the past unflourished incidences of the society which literally means lawless, disturbed and chaos situation created by social and political domination in the Nepalese society.

e. Why was the forlorn child wailing?

Answer: The forlorn child was wailing to find his mother in that selfish and careless city.

f. What do you understand by soft storm?

Answer: By ‘soft storm' I understand the speakers disturbed feelings, but they are not disastrous.

g. Why does the speaker call our time 'mad time’?

Answer: The speaker calls our time mad time because the speaker finds lawless, selfish and manner less activities of the people. People are trying to dominate and suck others.

stone grows in flower, the moon hums melodies history rushes under the lamppost and over deforested land, birds sing of bizarre journeys over the warming earth’ rhododendron bloom in winter, mother earth tells of the tumults in the songs of the s birds.

h. What does the speaker want to do in "hard times”?

Answer: The speaker wants to melt like a rainbow in “hard times”. 

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