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 My Village

There are many villages in Nepal. Nepal is made up of villages. The name of my village is Chainpur. It lies on the lap of Kankali Community Forest. It is in the eastern part of Chitwan district. My village is fourteen kilometers far from district headquarters Bharatpur. My village is surrounded by many villages like Birendranagar in the east, Pithuwa in the west, Jutpani and Saktikhor in the north and Khairahani in the south. Two rivers work as boarders. They are Kayar Khola in the west and Ladara Khola in the east. These rivers create problem in rainy season.

It is in inner Terai region. It is very hot in summer and it is somehow cold in winter. In other seasons the climate is mild.

About 500 families live in my village. They belong to different castes like Brahmin, Kshetri, Newar, Tamang, Gurung, Darai, Magar, Kami, Damai etc. They follow different religions. Mainly three religions exist in my village. They are Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity.

Most of the people are farmers in my village. Different kinds of vegetables and crops are grown here. Some of the villagers are jobholders. Some of the villagers are involved in their own trade.

There is a black-topped road which links to the main road from my village. We have the facility of electricity. There is a good supply of clean drinking water through pipes. A bus daily goes to Kathmandu from my village.

The villagers are honest, laborious and helpful. There isn’t any pollution in my village. People are conscious towards development. Religious tolerance, co-operation and hospitality are the characteristics of my village. I love my village. My village is a model of our nation so the villagers are very happy. 

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