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Letter of apology


Write an apology letter/email to your friend for misbehaving him/ her at school. Assure him/her that you will not repeat it again.


Shivalaya Chowk,

Chainpur, Chitwan

February 24, 2022

Dear Anup,

Thank you for your patience. I’m extremely sorry for my misbehavior at school. I would like to apologize for the bad things I did. I recognize now that my offensive behavior and thoughtless actions were wrong because they give you trouble.


It doesn’t make my behavior right but I want to tell you why I behaved in such a rude manner. I had a bad day at home as well as at school. I was feeling angry so I took it out on you. I realize this does not excuse my poor behavior however I want to let you know why I behaved in bad way.


In the future I will try to exercise better sense and not take my anger out on you. I think a better way would be for me to express that I am having a rough day and try to take some time to myself to cool down.


Please forgive me as I try to make this positive change. I won’t show such behavior again.

Your closest friend,

Rajan Pandit

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