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Question set (Grade 8) 2078


Half Yearly Examination -2078

Class: 8                                             Time: 2:15 hrs.                                                       FM: 75

Subject:  C. English                                                                                                           PM: 30

1. Rewrite the following sentences selecting the correct options in the brackets. [5x1=5]

a) Let's complete our examination, --------? (will you, won't you, shall we)

b) Mr. Luitel is -------- educationist, (a, an, the)

c) My parents have done the work (himself, themselves, herself).

d) They won't help us --------- we help them now. (unless, in spite of, however)

e) The children are fond ------- using mobile nowadays. (to of, for)


2. Change the following sentences as indicated in the brackets. [3×1=3]

a) The teacher said to the girl, "Please, take your lunch" (into indirect speech)

b) Subin is writing a letter. (into passive voice)

c) They painted a picture. The picture was so unique. (Join the sentences with appropriate relative clause)


3. Fill in the blanks with correct words from the box below. [2x1=2]

will publish,  will have published, wins, win

a) By the end of this year, they --------my story-book.

b) Slow and steady ------- the race.  


4. Read the following text and do the activities that follow.  [10]

As soon as Ganesh Man Singh returned to Nepal, he planned to protest against the autocratic rulers of Nepal. In 1940, he joined the Praja Parishad, the first political party in Nepal. Unfortunately, he was arrested on October 18, 1940. Though he was sentenced to life in prison for anti-Rana activities, he ultimately escaped from Bhadragol Jail in 1944. After that he fled to India. In 1949, he became one of the founding members of the Nepali Congress. Following this, he played a significant role to overthrow the Rana Regime in 1950. In 1958, he became a cabinet minister. However, after the coup by'late king Mahendra on 31st December 1960, he was arrested and kept at Sundarijal Military Detention Camp. Yet he refused to let his spirit be broken. Instead, he became one of the main leaders advocating democracy in Nepal after he was released on 30th October 1968 from the Camp.

A] Complete the given table being based on the given text. [1×4-4]





Even that happened in his life Arrested and sentenced to life in prison Became cabinet minister [4x1.5-6]


B] Answer these questions.

a) What did Ganesh Man Singh plan when he returned to Nepal?

b) Why was he sentenced to life in prison?

c) Where was he kept after the coup by the late King Mahendra?

d) For how long was he kept at Sundarijal Military Detention Camp?


5. Read the following text carefully and do the activities that follow.  [10]


Honorable chairperson, respected teachers, and dear friends, I would like to thank Mr. Ale for giving me the chance to say something here. I am here to......................

Honourable chairperson, there are various problems with junk food. The main problem is that they have high satisfactory value that is why so many people consume it even though they know it is not healthy. Another problem is that junk food tends to replace other more nutritious food. Similarly, an increase in consumption of junk food is directly associated with the increase in obesity, heart diseases, high blood pressure, certain types of cancer and tooth decay. Fats from junk food trigger the brain to want more food. This effect can last for several days. Mothers who eat junk food while pregnant or breast feeding have children who are prone to obesity. Children are also more prone to diabetes, raised cholesterol and high blood pressure. Additives and preservatives such as common food dyes can cause children to become more hyperactive and easily distracted than usual. If children eat junk food regularly, it is likely to lead them to violent behaviour later in life.

Finally, I want to suggest that we should not eat junk food because it is the cause of various diseases. So, junk food should be banned.

Thank you.


A. Match the following words in column 'A' with their meanings in column 'B'. [4x1=4]

     A               B

a) main           the state of carrying offspring with in the body

b) decay         usual, ordinary

c) pregnant    discompose or rot through the action of bacteria and fungi

d) common    principal, major, primary

B] Answer these questions. [4x1.5=6]

a) What is the main problem with junk food?

b) Is an increase in consumption of junk food healthy?

c) Make a list of diseases which is associated with the consumption of junk food?

d) What will happen if a pregnant mother takes junk food regularly?


6. Read the following text carefully and do the activities that follow. [10}

Living in our modern world is different from what living was when our grandparents were young. Learning to use machines is very important today. Only a few years ago most of the work of the world was done by hand. Today we use machines for everything for both working and playing. In the home we have machines for washing clothes and washing dishes and we have different kind mechanical apparatus for cooking and cleaning too. In the street, in the office, everywhere during our working hours or leisure time, such apparatus is always doing something for us. Electric lights, telephones (mobiles), trains, taxies and thousands of other mechanisms make our life easier. We live in mechanical age. Nobody exactly knows what new changes machines will bring into lives of future generations, but we can be sure that life will not be same as it is now. The life of our grandchildren will be as different from our lives as ours from those of our grandparents.


A] Write T' for true statements and 'F' for false statements. [4x2=4]

a) Modern world's living is different from the past.

b) People used to use machines for doing their works in the past.

c) We have different kinds of mechanical apparatus for household chores.

d) Machines have made our lives harder than the lives of the past.


B] Answer these questions. [4x1.5=6]

a) How is modern life different from the past?

b) Name the machines used in the home?

c) Write any three things which make our lives easier?

d) Mechanical apparatuses have made our life easier. Do you agree?


7. Read the following text carefully and do the activities that follow.


Jhamak Kumari Ghimire is one of the prominent writers of Nepal. She was born in July 1980 in the village of Kachide in Dhankuta district. She was the very problematic disease called Cerebal Palsy. She is one of the renowned persons in the world who has been suffered with this disease. Her both hands are unable to do anything and she cannot speak.

Despite her physical disability and formal education, she has written many books. Jhamak has never attended any kind of formal classes at school, but she learned to read and write by hearing the words and sentences that her sister used to read. She wrote books with her left leg. She has been awarded with Madan Puraskar for her autobiography Jiwan Kanda Ki Phul", "Sankalpa", "Afnai Chinta Agni Shikhatira, Manchhe Bhittraka Yoddhaharu 'Quatti' are her poetry. She is the pride of our nation. So we should respect her and her tireless endeavors.


A] Fill in the blanks with suitable words from the text. [4x1=4]

a) Jhamak Ghimire was born in

b) She was born with the dangerous disease called. district.

c) She writes her books with her

d) She was awarded with the for her auto-biography.

B. Answer these questions shortly. [4x1.5=6]

a) When was Jhamak born?

b) How did she learn to read and write?

c) Name the book which won 'Madan Puraskar' for her.

d) Give a suitable title for the text.


8. Complete the following dialogue using the appropriate choices in the box below.

Salesperson: ---------------What can I do for you?

Customer :     Good afternoon, ---------------

Salesperson: Cotton or synthetics, Madam?

Customer:      ----------------------------

Salesperson: Sure, we have. -------------------------

Customer:      Could you take them out, please?

Salesperson: Here you are, Madam.

Customer:      I prefer this fancy jazz one. How much does it cost?

Salesperson: It costs only Rs. 1150. -------------------

Customer       No, thank you.

Do you like anything more, Madam?

I need a good shirt.

Good afternoon, Madam.

These are the best qualities of shirts in woolen.

Woolen, if you have some.


9. Suppose you are young man/woman of 25 years old, have passed B.Ed. and working as a basic level teacher at National Secondary School Khairahani, Chitwan for five years. Write a Bio-data of yourself being based on the given box.

Name,             Personal details (DOB, Address, Parents names, Contact number, Email Address),             Education,     Work experience,     Interests etc.

10. Write an essay on 'Importance of Discipline in Student Life' in about 150 words. [15]


Write a letter to your friend describing how you spent the day of local festival 'Haribodhini Ekadashi.'

-The End-


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