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Essay (Discipline)


Discipline is a good manner of a person. It is the most important virtue of human beings. Human beings are different from others because of discipline. The progress of the nation is based on the action of disciplined citizens. Wherever and whenever we go and live we have to follow certain rules and regulations. The rules and regulation of one place is different from the rules and regulation of another. The act of doing and following rules and regulations according to those places is known as discipline.

Discipline is learnt from childhood. Home is the first school of a child. The child learns discipline from his or her parents at home at first. Then, he/she learns discipline from teachers because the child starts going to school when he/she is six years old. Discipline is important for a person at every stage of life. A disciplined person can be happy and his/her life will be prosperous. A disciplined person will have civilized life also.

Discipline is important in almost every field. Without discipline, human beings can be like an animal. Discipline is important for students, policemen, soldiers, players etc. The best example of discipline is seen in military force. They show their disciplined manner. They obey and respect the seniors honestly so they are said to be disciplined.

In conclusion, discipline is necessary for every step of our life. We have to show our disciplined manner in doing different activities like talking, eating, driving, addressing, greeting and so on. Without discipline, people can’t achieve progress. Discipline is the root of success. Therefore, I suggest all to be disciplined.

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