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Essay (My Aim in Life)

 My Aim in Life


Everybody in the world must have his or her aim in life. A man without any aim can do nothing in life. Aim is helpful to get success in life. Aim helps people to run their future life easily. Different people have different aims in life. Some people want to earn a lot of money whereas some people wish to acquire knowledge. Some People want to have glory and fame.


Our country is very poor and is therefore backward in many aspects. The progress of a country depends upon agriculture, industry and trade. I am an ordinary boy. I want to be a teacher. My aim in life is to teach my illiterate villagers. Illiteracy is the main problem of our country. I want to avoid this problem from my country.

Education is the light of life. Without good education, people cannot do creative and advanced works. So, I would like to teach all. Children are the pillars of nation so they must get the chance to be educated. If farmers are educated, they can grow a lot of crops. Everybody should be warned in the country that over population is problem to all. I will try my best to teach uneducated people that the only remedy for the uncontrolled population growth is family planning. Education is necessary in every field so I would like to spread education. Without education development of the country is not possible so I think my aim is fruitful for the society and my country as well. I’m a student now whether my aim becomes true or not in future.

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