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Essay (Student Life)

Student Life

We have different stages in life. Among them, student life is the most valuable life in our life. Commonly this life begins from the age of six and runs up to adolescence. Human beings can learn several things in this stage of life. Student life is the preparation of life. Our future life is guided by the labor which we do in our student life. In this stage of life, we can make our career or we can say that we can shape our future. If we have good training in our student life, we can be good citizens in our future life.

In our student life, we should learn good things. We must learn our lessons at schools. In this life, we must do our classwork and homework honestly. We must be regular to go to school. We must respect our teachers. We must obey our parents. We must try to make our character good. We must learn to have discipline. We must care for our health, too. Without good health, we can do nothing. We must be obedient to our parents, teachers and superiors. We must always remember that obedience is a great virtue for a student.

The best part of our life is student life. We must use our time to build up our bright future. We must stand as a model in this stage of life. Most of people are in this stage of life. They are spending this life properly. I am a student of Jana Jiwan Secondary School. I try to spend my student life properly. I think I will be successful in my life.

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