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Class 9 (Unit 1) Part I - Travel and Holidays

 Unit 1 Travel and Holidays

Getting started

Reading I (page 1)

Look at the picture and answer the questions.

a. What do you think the man  in the picture doing?

Answer: The man in the picture is sitting on the lap of the Himalayas and doing Yoga.

b. Are you planning to travel or go on a holiday this year?

Answer: Yes, I am planning to go on holiday this year. I will go to Chitlang which is in Makawanpur district.

Poon Hill Yoga Trek in Nepal

A. Match the words in column A with their meanings in column B.

Column A                  Column B

a. magnificent           i. charming

b. glaciers                  ii. surprised; amazed

c. hotspot                   iii. plants and animals

d. astonished             iv. everlasting; never-ending

e. enchanting             v. rivers of ice

f. flora and fauna      vi. extremly attractive and impressive

g. perennial               vii. a place of significant activity


a. magnificent          vi. extremly attractive and impressive.

b. glaciers                 v. rivers of ice

c. hotspot                  vii. a place of significant activity

d. astonished            ii. surprised; amazed

e. enchanting           i. charming

f. flora and fauna    iii. plants and animals

g. perennial              iv. everlasting; never-ending


B. Circle the best answer.

a. What are the visitors expected to achieve the most in this package holiday?

i. enjoyment of panoramic views of mountain and landscapes

ii. plenty of physical activity in the lap of nature English 9 5

iii. self-transformation with Yoga in serene hill stations

b. What will the visitors do on the first day of their tour?

i. go to Pokhara

ii. discuss the programme

iii. practise Yoga for an hour

c. Where will they stay on the fourth day?

i. at Tikhedhunga

ii. at Banthanti

iii. at Ghorepani

d. What is the destination of the visitors on the sixth day?

i. Ghorepani

ii. Tadapani

iii. Deurali

e. Which place will the tourists visit last as a part of the package?

i. Ghandruk

ii. Nayapul

            iii. Pokhara

C. Answer the following questions.

a. List any two advantages of the Yoga trek in the Nepali hilly region.

Answer: The list of two advantages of the Yoga Trek in Nepali hilly region are:

i. it strengthens body, mind and soul and

ii. it provides a chance to enjoy the attractive natural environment.

b. Who can take part in this Yoga trek programme?

Answer: Tourists, visitors or anybody interested can take part in this Yoga trek programme.

c. What would you enjoy the most in Ghandruk if you were one of the visitors? Why?

Answer: Ghandruk is a Gurung village which is the most interesting ethnic village in Nepal famous for its Gorkha soldiers. I would enjoy its excellent close-up views of Annapurna South and Machhapuchhre Himalayas most if I were one of the visitors.

d. How many days do the visitors do Yoga during the programme?

Answer: The visitors do Yoga for five days during the programme.

e. How is the Yoga hour mainly managed every day on this holiday trek?

Answer: The Yoga hour is mainly managed every day after tea on this holiday trek.

Grammar I

A. Study the following sentences.

a. A: Did you call your mother?

    B: Oops, I’ve forgotten! I’ll do it right now.

b. I can't decide what to wear tonight. I think I'll wear my pink saree.

c. The bus will arrive here soon.

d. They have bought a lot of chocolates. They are going to have a party.

e. They are packing luggage. They are going to enjoy their vacation.

f. The sky is overcast. It is going to rain.

g. I'm meeting Jane at 8 o'clock on Saturday.

h. A: We're having a party next Saturday. Would you like to come?

    B: I'd love to. But I'm quite busy that day.

i. I’m visiting my grandparents next week.

j. Are you doing anything interesting this weekend?


B. Choose the best answer to complete the following sentences.

a. It's really hot here. ……. a window.

i. I’ll open      ii. I’m opening

b. I've told my bank to close my account. ………. an account in another bank.

i. I’ll open      ii. I’m going to open

c. A: Would you take tea or coffee?

    B: ……… coffee, please.

i. I’ll have      ii. I’m going to have

d. I've decided that ……… to the class teacher about my family situation.

i. I’ll speak    ii. I’m going to talk

e. What ……… when you complete your studies?

i. are you going to do           ii. will you do

f. I’m tired of the way he charges me so much for photocopies. _____ a cheaper one.

i. I’m going to look for        ii. I’ll look for

g. I would love to go out with you tomorrow but ……… dinner with Dolma.

i. I’ll have      ii. I’m having

h. I can't come to class next Monday.………a tooth taken out.

i. I’ll have      ii. I’m having


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