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Class 7 (Unit 10) Part I

 Unit 10 (Part I)

Getting started (page 97)

A. Look at the signs below. What do you think the mean? Talk to your friends.


a.    No animals. You aren’t allowed to bring pet animals here.

b.     Keep social distance. You should keep social distance.

c.      Don’t smoke. You aren’t allowed to smoke.

d.     Don’t speak loudly. You are forbidden to speak loudly.

B. Listen and sing. 

Underline the auxiliary verbs (e.g. could ) in above song.


                 I couldn't see, now I can.

                 I wouldn't listen, now I will.

                 He may seem happy, but he might be sad

                 You ought to be kind, you should do your best

                 can and could

                 will and would

                 may and might

                 ought to and should

                 You don't have to walk, no you needn't

                 'cause I'm able to drive, yes I can

                 We have to,

                 We must obey the traffic lights

                 We can go on green but we mustn't on red.

                 Don't have to and needn't

                 able to and can

                 have to and must, mustn't and can't.


Reading I (page 98)

Answer the following questions.

a. What is the text below about?

Answer:  The text is about the precautions of Covid-19.

b. Have you heard of Covid-19? What have you heard?

Answer: Yes, I have heard that Covid-19 is very dangerous communicable disease.


A. Match the words with their meanings. (page 99)

a.     isolated            i. to clean something using a substance that kills bacteria

b.     ventilated         ii. changes in your body or mind that show that you are not


c.     disinfect           iii. made something/somebody take in and hold water

d.     symptoms        iv. away from others

e.     hydrated           v. allowed fresh air to enter and move around a room


  a. isolated         i. away from others.

  b. ventilated     ii. allowed fresh air to enter and move around a room

  c. disinfect       iii. to clean something using a substance that kills bacteria 

  d. symptoms    iv. change your body or mind that show that you are not healthy.

  e. hydrated      v. made something take in and hold water

  f. utensils          vi. devices to tools used in kitchens 


B. Answer the following questions.

 a. How should a sick person be isolated?

 b. What should the isolation room be like?

 c. How can you protect yourself if you and the sick person are in the same room?

 d. When should the surfaces be cleaned?

 e. What are the serious symptoms of Covid-19?

 f. What three things should be done if somebody is sick in your household?

 g. Who has prepared the brochure?


a. A sick person should be isolated in separate room, isolated space and keep distance from others.

b. The isolation room should be well ventilated and open windows frequently.

c. We can protect ourselves by wearing medical masks, using separate dishes and cleaning the frequently touched surfaces.

d. Surface should be cleaned when we frequently touched.

e. The serious symptoms of Covid 19 are difficulty breathing, confusion, loss of speech or mobility and chest pain.

f. If someone is sick in our household, we should monitor the sick person’s symptoms, pay special attention if the person is at high risk of serious illness and ensure the sick person rests and stays hydrated.

g. World Health Organization has prepared the brochure.

(My special thanks to Kanchan Chaudhary from Kankali Secondary School for preparing this material.)


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