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Unit 11 (Grade 9) Gadgets and Instruments (Part II)


Unit 11 Gadgets and Instruments

Reading II (page 138)

Match the words with the correct weather symbols.

a. sunny         b. partially cloudy              c. rainy

d. cloudy       e. snowy                                f. stormy

Weather Instruments

A.           Complete these sentences with the appropriate words from the text above.

a.          Most of the FM …………. broadcast the news at 7:00.

b.          The function of a ………….is to convert the change of temperature into numerical numbers.

c.          The Earth is ………. by the atmosphere.

d.          The amount of water in the air is called …………….

e.          The wind vane is also known as a …………………


        a. stations     b. converter     c. wrapped    d. humidity   e. weather vane /weathercock

B.            Choose the correct answer.

a.          How did people get the weather information until the 18th century?

i.     with  weather instruments    ii. through their physical senses             

iii. through their intuitions 

b.          Which one of the following barometers is the latest one?

i. digital               ii. mercury                 iii. aneroid

c.          What does a barometer measure?

i.     atmospheric temperature              ii. atmospheric humidity    

iii. atmospheric pressure

d.          Which of the following devices is NOT used to get weather information?

i.     thermometer            ii.  galvanometer       iii. anemometer

e.          Which of the following devices is used to measure the speed of the wind?

i.     wind wave     ii. anemometer       iii.  hygrometer


a.          ii. through their physical senses   

b.          i. digital 

c.          iii. atmospheric pressure

d.         ii.  galvanometer

e.          ii. anemometer


C.  Answer the following questions.

a.         Where is an alcohol-filled thermometer mostly used?

b.         What is a barometer used for?

c.         What are the two kinds of hygrometer?

d.         Give two examples of how an anemometer gives information about the weather.

e.         Name the device that is used to measure the changes in weather conditions.

f.          What precaution should be taken while using a rain gauge?


    a.   An alcohol-filled thermometer is mostly used to measure the temperature under -35 degree             Celsius.

    b.     A barometer is used for measuring the atmospheric pressure.

    c.      The two types of hygrometer are dry and wet bulb hygrometer and a mechanical                          hygrometer.

    d.     An anemometer gives the information about the weather by showing the speed of wind and             predicting storms as well as hurricanes.

    e.      The device that is used to measure the changes in weather condition is barometer.

    f.       The rain gauge must be placed at an open place without any obstacle. 

D.  How do you usually find out what the weather will be like? Talk to your friends.

We usually find out about the future condition of the weather with the help of Barometer. The weather will be like overcast, windy, and drizzly. Such weather makes me feel peaceful and comfortable. I enjoy such weather, especially at night, since I can hear the rainfall and see the dew on the window, which helps me sleep. The light rain helps the crops to grow nicely.

Grammar II

A.           Change the following sentences into indirect speech.

a.         He said, "Don't use my camera."

b.         The doctor said, "Give up smoking."

c.         "Don't touch the wire." The electrician said to me.

d.         “Could you explain number four, please?” said the student.

e.         "Don't worry about it, Mrs. Shrestha." She said.

f.          "Finish this job in an hour." He said.

g.         Amrita said to me, “Please help me.”


a.      He told me not to use his camera.

b.     The doctor suggested me to give up smoking.

c.      The electrician told me not to touch the wire.

d.     The student requested me to explain number four.

e.      She told Mrs. Shrestha not to worry about it.

f.       He told me to finish that job in an hour.

g.      Amrita requested me to help her.

B.            Complete the following sentences with the correct alternatives from the brackets.

a.         Anju said that she…………….(had seen/has seen/was seen) the accident the day before.

b.         She says that ……………(she could not stay there anymore/I can’t stay there anymore/she can’t stay there anymore)

c.         The teacher told us that……………….(the Earth revolves round the Sun/the Earth revolved round the Sun/the Earth revolve round the Sun)

d.         Pramesh said that………………(he had done his homework/I have done my homework/he has done his homework)

e.         The policeman ………………(requested/told/ordered) the thief not to move.

f.          My father forbade me ……………… (to spend/do not spend/not to spend) so much money.

g.         The head teacher forbade the students' parents ………………(not to smoke/to not smoke/to smoke) on the school premises.


a.      had seen

b.     she can’t stay there anymore

c.      the Earth revolves round the Sun

d.     he had done his homework

e.      ordered

f.       to spend

g.      to smoke

Writing II

In the past 20 years, there have been significant developments in the field of science and technology. These developments have had both a positive and negative impact. Write a newspaper article expressing your views on the impact of science and technology.


The information technology sector has grown dramatically during the previous two decades. It provides us with things like communication progress, cell phones, the internet, and so forth. However, many experts feel that this rise in the IT sector will have a negative impact rather than a positive impact in the coming years. For several reasons, I strongly disagree with this. The explanation strengthens my position.

IT has both positive and negative impact. However, many experts feel that this rise in the IT sector will have a negative impact rather than a positive impact in the coming years. For several reasons, I strongly disagree with this. The explanation strengthens my position. The most important argument is that it will completely transform the global commercial sector. The majority of the duties will be completed automatically and without human participation. That would be efficient and low-quality goods in the industrial industry. In addition, with the assistance of artificial intelligence, the automobiles would drive themselves. In reality, some businesses, like "Tesla" and "Google," have already produced self-driving automobiles that do not require human intervention.

Furthermore, the company may expect enhanced file management, massive data storage, and cloud hosting. Payment gateways, such as "Google Pay," "Amazon Pay," and "Paytm," are expected to be solely online a few years from now. Furthermore, the communication network will be upgraded in the future. However, I would not ignore the minor risks that may be there. The most prominent is cybersickness. They are concerned that individuals would abandon their regular routines as a result of their addiction to social media. Any cyber assault on social media might be carried out using this data. Any hacker might access the account and demand money.

To summarize it, it can be concluded that, while development in the IT sector has some drawbacks, I believe that development in the IT sector would be definitely beneficial for human life advancement, and information technology will continue to comfort us in unimaginable ways in the coming years.


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