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Unit 13 (Grade 9) Organization Profile and Authority (Part II)

Unit 13 Organization Profile and Authority

Reading II (page 164)

A. Answer the following questions.

a.      When do you usually congratulate people?

Answer: We usually congratulate people when they achieve something good thing in their life.

b.      Mention the occasions you have been congratulated.

Answer: I have been congratulated when I received first prize in essay competition.


B. Find the words from the text and complete the sentences.

a.       I really admire you for your ………….. explanation.            

b.      An ……. person can, no doubt, see many positive things at a glance.  

c.       The work was done with a professional ………………. 

d.      Please make every ………….. to arrive on time.       

e.       Parents are ………… proud of their children’s achievements.


a.      impressive

b.      unbiased

c.      standard

d.      news

e.      justifiably


C. Answer the following questions.

a        Where does Anil Gurung live? 

b        Why is Anil Gurung writing this letter?

c        Why is her new position an opportunity for Mrs. Rai?

d        What does Anil Gurung expect from Mrs. Rai as the chief editor?

e        How can you say that Anil Gurung is a helpful person?

f         What could be the relationship between Mrs. Rai and Anil Gurung?


a.      Anil Gurung lives in Changunarayan, Bhaktapur.

b.      Anil Gurung is writing this letter to congratulate Mrs Rai on her recent          appointment to the Chief Editor of The Nepal Times.

c.      Her new position an opportunity for Mrs. Rai is to set the standard for future chief editors.

d.      Anil Gurung expects unbiased news stories and articles from Mrs. Rai as the chief editor.

e.      I can say that Anil Gurung is a helpful person because he promises to assist her.

f.       The relationship between Mrs. Rai and Anil Gurung could be friends.


D. Have you ever sent a letter of congratulations to anybody? Why did you send it? Share your experiences and feelings.

Grammar II

A.  Join the following pairs of sentences with the connectives given in the brackets.

a.       I couldn't sleep. I was tired. (despite)

b.      They have little money. They are living happily. (even though)

c.       He went to the tap. He wanted to bring a pail of water. (in order to)

d.      I enjoyed the film. The story was not very good. (though)

e.       We live in the same colony. We hardly meet each other. (in spite of)

f.        I was not wet. I had an umbrella. (because)

g.      I ate all the food. It was not very tasty. (although)

h.      He went to the bank. He could cash the cheque. (so that)


a. I couldn’t sleep despite my tiredness.

b. They are living happily even though they have little money.

c. He went to the tap in order to bring a pail of water.

d. I enjoyed the film though the story was not very good.

e. We hardly meet each other in spite of living in the same colony.

f. I was not wet because I had an umbrella.

g. I ate all the food although it was not very tasty.

h. He went to the bank so that he could cash the cheque. 

Writing II

A.           Study the given message of congratulations.



Our special thanks and






Mr Mahabir Pun,


President of ENRD for being awarded


The Ramon Magsaysay Award,



This was for his outstanding contribution to Community Leadership and bringing unprecedented changes in rural livelihoods through the use of Internet Technology.

E-Network Research and Development, Nepal


B.            Write a message of congratulations to your neighbour who has received a full scholarship to complete his or her studies.




My special thanks and tribute to

Mr. Ashok Poudel,

For getting full scholarship to study micro biology in Indira Gandhi University, India. Congrats! It’s so decent to see that your diligent work has at last paid off. Make good use of your scholarship. The success of this scholarship opens the entryways to your splendid future.

I am so pleased and proud of your great achievement. May the Almighty keep his grace on you to achieve many great things in life.  Keep it up, dear


Mr. Anupam Pandit


C.  Imagine that your uncle/aunt has been elected as the Mayor/ Chairperson of your Municipality or Rural Municipality. Write a formal message of congratulations to him/her to be published in a newspaper.




My special thanks and tribute to

Mr. Arjan Sharma,

For getting golden chance to be elected as the mayor of Daran Municipality, Province-1, Nepal. Your election comes at a time of crisis for Nepal including different local governments. I hope you will certainly solve different problems of the municipality. Congrats! It’s so decent to see that your diligent work has at last paid off. Make good use of your intelligent. Heartiest felicitation of this opportunity opens the entryways to your splendid future and the progress of the municipality.

I wish your success during your mandate as Chairperson of the municipality.


Mr. Anupam Pandit



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