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Unit 3 (Grade 8) How to Wash Clothes in a Washing Machine - Reading II

 Unit 3 (Part II)

Reading II

How to Wash Clothes in a Washing Machine (page 32)

Answer these questions.
a. What do you see in the picture?
b. What is it used for? Discuss with your friends.

I see washing machine in the picture.

a.    It is used for washing clothes.


A. Match the words in column A with their meanings in column B.
 Column A                                  Column B

a. appliance           i. to make something move around by shaking
b. agitate              ii. to squeeze

 c. shrink               iii. fungus
 d. detergent          iv. to deposit in a careless way
 e. dump                v. a device designed to perform a specific task
 f. mold                  vi. a water-soluble cleansing substance

a. Appliance        i.a device designed to perform a specific task

b. agitate             ii. to make something move around byshaking

c. shrink              iii. to squeeze
d. detergent         iv. a water-soluble cleansing substance
e. dump               v. to deposit in a careless way
f. mold                 vi. fungus

B. Answer these questions.

a. What is a washing machine?
b. Why do you think it is necessary to separate the laundry?
c. How can the user maximize the cleanliness of clothes?

d. Mention the effects of overloading.
e. Why should we clean a washing machine regularly?
f. Do you think the text is useful for you? How?


a.      A washing machine is a home appliance for washing clothes.

b.      I think it is necessary to separate the laundry to prevent damage our clothes.

c.      The user can maximize the cleanness of clothes by checking the care label of clothes.

d.      The effect of overloading results in the clothes not being washed as they should be.

e.      We should clean a washing machine regularly to maximize its performance.

f.       I think the text is useful for us because it provides its important tips for operating and caring for a washing machine.


Grammar II
Change the following questions into reported speech.

a. "Are you going to the store?" said Pawan.
b. "Is your sister coming to the party?" says Pallawi.
C. Sophie said to me, "Do you like pizza?"
d. Siddhartha said, "Does your cat like to chase mice, Rani?"
e. The guest inquired, "Is it raining outside?"
f."  Did you finish your homework?" the teacher asked.
g. "Are you feeling well?" asked my mom.
h. My friend said, "Does your boss expect you to work overtime today?"
i. Smita wanted to know, "Is your favorite colour purple?"
j.The boss said, "Did you see the news this morning?"



a.      Pawan asked me if I was going to the store.

b.      Pallawi asks if my sister is coming to the party.

c.      Sophi asked me if I liked pizza.

d.      Siddhartha asked Rani if her cat liked to chase mice.

e.      The guest inquired if it was raining outside.

f.       The teacher asked if I had finished  my homework.

g.      My mom asked if I was feeling well.

h.      My friend asked if my boss expected me to work overtime today.

i.        Smita wanted to know whether if my favourite colour was purple.

j.        The boss asked if I had seen the news that morning.


(My special thanks to Kanchan Chaudhary of Kankali Secondary School for preparing this material.)


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