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Model Question (2) Grade XI

Global Educational Academy

Final examinations: 2078

Subject: Compulsory English (003)                                                                         Grade- XI

Full Marks -75                                                                                                                   Time: 3 hrs.



Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Attempt all the questions:


1. Read the text and do the activities given below:                                             15

Water is the basis of all life. Every animal and every plant contain a substantial proportion of tree or combined water in its body, and no kind of physiological activity is possible in which the fluid doesn't play an essential part. Water is, of course, necessary for animal life, while moisture in the soil is equally imperative for the life and growth of plants and trees, though the quantity necessary varies enormously with the species. The conservation and utilization of water is thus fundamental for human welfare.

Apart from artesian water the ultimate source in all cases is rain or snowfall. Much of Nepali agriculture depends on seasonal rainfall and is therefore, very sensitive to any failure or irregularity of the same. It is clear that the adoption of techniques preventing soil erosion would also help to conserve and keep the water where it is wanted. In other words, such techniques serve a double purpose. It is evident that in a country having only a seasonal rainfall in immense quantity of rain -water must necessarily run off the ground. The collection and utilization of water is therefore of vital importance. Much of it flows down into the streams and rivers, ultimately finds its way to the sea. The harnessing of our rivers, the waters of which now mostly run to waste is a great national problem. The conservation of water supplies is the problem of afforestation. The systematic planting suitable trees and conservation of wild and untamed jungles is the most urgent needs of the nation. Such plantation would directly or indirectly prove a source of untold wealth of the country. They

would check soil erosion and conserve the rainfall from flowing away to waste. They would also provide the necessary supplies of cheap fuel and stop unnecessary waste of farmyard manure.

A.   Choose the best answer.                                                              1×5 =5

a.      The word ' imperative ' in the 3rd line means

i.       Command               ii.   urgent                 iii. optional.

b.     The word ' fundamental ' in the 5th line is similar to

i.       secondary    .       ii. most important          iii. insignificant

c.      The word sensitive in the 7th line means

i.       response to the environment         ii. resistant            iii. unaffected.

d.     The word 'immense ' is opposite to –

i.       large in size and amount              ii. tiny           iii. abruptly

e.      The word 'vital ' in the 11th line means

i.       dispensable         ii. Indispensable         iii. listless

B.  Complete the following sentences in Not more than five words.          1×5=5

a.         The conservation and utilization of water is thus ----------

b.        Much of Nepali agriculture depends on seasonal rainfall and is therefore, very sensitive to---------

c.         The collection and utilization of water is therefore---------

d.        The conservation of water supplies is the problem------------

e.         Such plantation would directly or indirectly prove a source of----------

C.  Answer the following questions                                        1×5=5

a.         Where does the world get water from?

b.        What is the national problem relating to rivers?

c.         What are the benefits of afforestation?

d.        What is fundamental for human welfare?

e.         What are the advantages of preventing soil erosion?


2.     Write short answers to any five of the following questions. 2×5=10

a.      What does Jonathan mean by his expression "Nothing Puzzles God."?

(Civil Peace).

b.     What is the child remembering from his childhood days?

(Who are you, little i)

c.      What are the four general human needs?

(What I require from life)

d.     What is the main theme of the play?


e.      Why is the last stage called second childhood?

(All the world's a stage)

4.    Write long answers to the following questions.                                   5×2=10  

a. Sketch the character of Wasserkopf.

b. How does the poet explore his view that   Covid 19 is the byproduct of man's treatment to nature? (Corona Says)

5.  Write a short biography of a renowned social entrepreneur of Nepal. 7


6.  Do you think the present education system doesn't prepare students for life and focuses on memorization rather than creative thinking? Who do you blame for this?       8



7.  What is cyber bullying? Discuss its effects and explain some measures to stop it.   10


8.  Do as indicated in brackets and rewrite sentences.                     1×10=10

a.         The hot weather (affects/effects) people in different ways. (choose one form from the bracket)

b.        My sister left for ……. UK last week. (Put a suitable article

c.         I love people praising me. (Change into passive)

d.        Ashika is worried about her exam. (Paraphrase the sentence using the verb "seem ")

e.         she usually wears glasses. (Point out different parts of the sentence.)

f.          I 'm sure he's not going to the cinema today. (Rewrite it using must/can't or might)

g.        I (lose) my keys. Can you help me look for them? (Use the correct tense of the verbs in the bracket).

h.        The good girl behaved well. (Underline the adverb in the sentence)

i.          you feel lonely. (Make a wish)

j.          The man briefcase was lost, reported to the police. (Fill in the blanks with a relative pronoun.)

k.        She was asked to do the homework;        she didn't pay attention to him. (Use the correct conjunction)

8. Do as instructed.                5 x 1 = 5

a.      Arrange the following words in the correct alphabetical order.

          divide, divert, divorce, divine.

b.     Select the correct meaning of the idiom underlined below:

 He is a dark horse.

i. silent          ii. secretive      iii. dangerous   

iv. possessing a secret ability

c.      Which of the following sentences is correct?

i.       The teacher wanted to know why he was late.

ii.     The teacher wanted to know why he was late.

iii.  The teacher wanted to know why he was late.

d.     Find the number syllables of the words bellow

     i. Vowel                   ii. Examination      iii. Education       iv. Mango

e.      Give the meaning of the idiom ' hot potato ' in the sentence:

I never discuss about anyone's religion. It can be a hot potato.

---   The End ----


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