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Grade 11 (Unit 6) LD Health and Exercise (You May Scoff…)

                                     Unit:6 Health and Exercise

You May Scoff…

Ways with words

A. Ten words in the bold face in the text correspond to the definitions below. Match the definitions with the corresponding words.

a. in spite of what has just been said or referred to

Answer: nevertheless

b. a strong desire or impulse

Answer: urge

c. the ability to continue trying to do something, although it is very difficult

Answer: determination

d. to attract attention to or emphasize something important

Answer: highlight

e. arguing about things that are not important

Answer: bickering

f. not having things or conditions that are usually considered necessary

Answer: deprivation

g. continue to exist

Answer: persist

h. soft loose flesh on a person's body

Answer: flab

i. to improve or increase something

Answer: boost

j. a limiting condition on something

Answer: restriction

Now, make sentences of your own using the same words in bold type.

1.    It is raining heavily nevertheless they are working outside.

2.    My father has urged me to drive the car very carefully.

3.    The key to her success was her absolute determination.

4.    The facilitator has highlighted the main points for today’s session.

5.    Their endless bickering may affect business.

6.    Economic deprivation is a cause to use physical facilities.

7.    Visit a doctor if symptoms persist for more than 3 days.

8.    You have to do some physical exercise regularly to lose flab on your belly.

9.    Accommodation and other facilities may  boost tourism.

10. There aren’t any restrictions to use mobile phone in the classroom.


B. The words ‘restriction’ and ‘awareness’ are nouns with the suffixes ‘-ion’ and ‘-ness’. Make a list of as many words as you can which end in ‘-ion’ and ‘-ness’. Make a list of as many words as you can which end in ‘-ion’ and ‘ness.
























A. Write whether the following statements are True, False or Not Given.

a. During the holidays people eat and drink more than usual.
Answer: True

b. Getting too little exercise and eating too much is the reason why people put on weight.

Answer: True

c. David Allison’s research involved studying rats under laboratory conditions.
Answer: False

d. You may need to go shopping for clothes if you come down with a cold.

Answer: True

e. Adenovirus-36 (AD-36) decreases the percentage of fat in the fat cells.

Answer: False

f. Vaccination against infections could be used in the future to prevent obesity.
Answer: True

g. People under severe stress can experience breathing difficulties.
Answer: Not Given

h. A study indicates that mice that have never been on a diet choose fatty food, when given a choice between high-calorie or low-calorie food products.
Answer: False

i. Rajita Sinha has been studying the connection between brain activity and behaviour.

Answer: False

j. Specific hormones regulate our appetite.

Answer: True


B. Answer the following questions.

a. In what sense are the holidays a time of excess? When can a person gain weight?

Answer: The holidays are a time of excess because people eat and drink more than usual. A person can gain weight when he/she overeats and does less exercises.

b. According to David Allison, which factor contributes to excess obesity?
Answer: According to David Allison, the factors such as light (changes in the amount of time spent in light or dark environments), viruses (infection with adenovirus-36) and epigenetics (genetic modifications brought about by any number of environmental cues) contribute to excess obesity.

c. What, according to Dhurandhar, can be the way of preventing fatness?

Answer: According to Dhurandhar, vaccination against infections can be the way of preventing fatness.

d. What is the relationship between chill and obesity? How can saying ‘om’ help reduce fatness?

Answer: Chill (cold) helps to burn calories which decrease obesity.

Saying ‘Om’ helps to reduce fatness by taking control over the urges and stress-related eating of high-calorie food.


e. Why is it necessary to be careful while buying plastic packaged fatty foods?

Answer: It is necessary to be careful while buying plastic packaged fatty foods because they contain endocrine disrupter chemicals that can leach into food and drinks, and create the expansion of waistlines.

f. Why does Nelson suggest avoiding blue wavelengths of light at night?

Answer: Nelson suggests avoiding blue wavelengths of light at night because they are known to be especially disruptive to the circadian system.

g. How does breathing polluted air affect one’s fatness?

Answer: Breathing polluted air affects one’s fatness as polluted air activates (chronic) inflammation and disrupts the body’s ability to burn energy.

h. What is the link between sleep and weight?

Answer: Sleep and weight have important role because sleep deprivation boosts body weight.

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