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Grammar 11 (Unit-6 - Subject-Verb Agreement)

 Concord/ Subject-verb agreement

Unit-6: Health and Exercise

Concord/subject-verb agreement

Subject-verb agreement is the correspondence of a verb with its subject in person (first, second, or third) and number (singular or plural).


A. Read this text and notice the subject-verb agreement.

The human body is like a machine. All machines need fuel to give them energy. The fuel for the human body is food. Most of the energy comes from two substances in our food: carbohydrates and fats. Carbohydrates are found in food like potatoes, bread, rice, wheat, corn, etc. and sugar. Fats come from food like meat, oil, cheese and butter. All junk food contains lots of carbohydrates andfats. If you eat a lot of junk food, you will probably get fat and it may cause a

lot of diseases.


B. Complete the sentences by choosing the correct verbs from the brackets.

a.      Everyone …… (has/have) problems in their life. Countries also …… (has/have) problems, and so …… (do/does) the world. One of the greatest problems …… (is/are) the growing population. The population in some countries …… ( is/are) huge.

b.     A number of my friends …… (love/loves) riding bicycles, but neither my brother nor my sister …… (own/owns) a cycle. At 4 o’clock, either my mother or father …… (is/are) coming to pick me up in a car.

c.      The pair of shoes on the floor …… (is/are) mine. The shoes …… (was/were) made in China. The three thousand rupees I spent on them …….. (was/were) worth it.

Answer:      a. has, have, does, is, is

                   b. love, owns, is

                   c. is, were,was

C. Are the following sentences correct? If not, correct them.

a.      Every one of the workers receive the same benefits.

Answer: incorrect (receives)

b.     There is two gerbils in my bathroom.

Answer: incorrect (are)

c.      Both of my friends live in Kathmandu.

Answer: correct

d.     Scissors is used to have our hair cut.

Answer: incorrect (are)

e.      You and your friends are welcome to join us

Answer: correct

f.       Are the news on at five or six?

Answer: incorrect (Is)

g.     The man with all his children live in the city.

Answer: incorrect (lives)

h.     Mathematics are Prem's favourite subject, while Economics is Alina's favourite subject.

Answer: incorrect (is)

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