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Unit 9 (Grade Six)


a. What are some popular lakes in Nepal?

Answer: Some popular lakes in Nepal are Rara, Phewa, Begnas, Tilicho, Sephoksundo, Bis Hajari etc.

b. Where is Rara lake located?

Answer: Rara lake is located in Mugu district.

c. Why do people go there?

Answer: People go there because it is a colourful lake and its background keeps on changing.


Rara Lake (Page 85)


A. Match the words in column A with their meanings in column B.

Column A                  Column B

a. mystery                  i. silence

b. magnificent           ii. going to die out

c. endangered            iii. difficult to understand

d. solitude                  iv. grand in appearance


a. mystery                 iii. difficult to understand

b. magnificent          iv. grand in appearance

c. endangered           ii. going to die out

d. solitude                 i. silence

B. Read the text again and write True for true and False for false statements.

a. Rara Lake is the second largest lake in Nepal.

b. The visitors can also go for hiking around the Rara Lake.

c. The visitors can see the images of hills in the water.

d. Talcha is the nearest airport to get to Rara.


a. False

b. True

c. True

d. True

C. Answer the following questions.

a. What are the two amazing things about the lake?

b. Why is Rara one of the best destinations for trekkers and visitors?

c. Make a list of the endangered animals found in Rara National Park.

d. Why is the water in Rara Lake less polluted?

e. How can one get to Rara Lake?


a. The two amazing things about the lake are it is a colourful lake and its background keeps on changing time and again.

b. Rara is one of the best destinations for trekkers and visitors because it is full of magnificent beauty.

c. The endangered animals found in Rara National Park are red panda, musk deer, Himalayan black bear, leopard, and wild boar.

d. The water in Rara Lake is less polluted because it is less crowded.

e. One can get to Rara Lake either from the air route by taking the flight to Talcha airport of Mugu from Nepalgunj or through the Karnali Highway by bus or jeep.


Speaking (87)

C. Work in pairs. Insert a comparative or superlative into the questions below. When finished ask and answer.

Student A

a. What country is ----------(good) to live in? Why?

b. What is ---------- (scary) movie you have watched?

c. Is it ---------- (good) to be smart and ugly or unintelligent and good-looking?

d. What is ---------- (hot) place you have ever been to?

e. What is ---------- (bad) present you have ever gotten?

f. What is ---------- (dangerous) job? Driving or farming?


a. better b. better c. the hottest d. the worst e. more dangerous

Student B

a. Who is ---------- (interesting) person you know?

b. Which is ---------- (bad) for your health: alcohol or marijuana?

c. What is ---------- (embarrassing) thing you have done recently?

d. Which is better? To make friendship with someone who is ---------- (old) or ---------- (young) you?

e. What was ---------- (important) invention in history?

f. What is---------- (disgusting) dish you have ever eaten?

g. Which is ---------- (bad): having your toe cut off, or having a leg cut off?


a. most interesting b. worse c. the most embarrassing d. older/ younger e. the most important f. worse


Grammar (90)

C. Complete the following sentences using suitable forms of adjectives given in brackets.

a. It is ---------- (hot) in summer in Kathmandu. But, Biratnagar is ---------- (hot) than Kathmandu.

b. My notebook is very---------- (clean).

c. Which is the ---------- (long) river in Nepal?

d. All the classrooms of our school are large. But our class is the ---------- (large) of all.

e. Why are you debating with me? My jacket is ---------- (warm) than yours.

f. We wear ---------- (thin) clothes in summer season.

g. Let’s see whose pencil is the ---------- (long) of all.

h. Do you know who is the ---------- (tall) student of our class?


a. hot/ hotter

b. clean

c. longest

d. largest

e. warmer

f. thin

g. longest

h. tallest


Reading II (page 91)

a. What do the following tables show?

Answer: They show the food items and their price.

b. Have you ever seen like these? Where?

Answer: Yes, I have seen them in hotel.


Food Menu

A. Fill in the blanks with correct information.

a. The price of milk tea is ---------- in Besisahar Chamena Griha.

b. Momo and ---------- are cheaper in Deurali Restaurant than in Besisahar Chamena Griha.

c. The price of ---------- is same in both places.

d. The price of veg chow mein between the two places differs by----------.


a. 20 rupees b. French fries c. cold drinks d. Rs. 5


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