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SEE 2078 SET F (Karnali Province)

 Symbol No……..                                                                                                         RE-101'F'

SEE 2078 (2022)


Reading and Writing

(Written Test)

Candidates are required to give their answer according to the given instructions.

Time: 2 hrs. 15 minutes                                                                                  Full Marks: 75

1. Read the poem and do the task.             5

The Road not Taken

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both

And be one traveller, long I stood

And looked down one as far as I could

To where it bent in the undergrowth;


Then took the other, as just as fair,

And having perhaps the better claim

Because it was grassy and wanted wear,

Though as for that the passing there

Had worn them really about the same,


And both that morning equally lay

In leaves no step had trodden black.

Oh, I kept the first for another day!

Yet knowing how way leads on to way,


I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and, I

I took the one less travelled by,

And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost

A. Choose the correct answer from the alternatives given. 5x1=5

a. The speaker wants to .......

i. enjoy the forest view            ii. cross the road

iii. travel on both the roads     iv. travel further

b. The word 'divided' is similar to ........

i. diverged       ii. doubted       iii. bent             iv. trodden

c. The poet is not sure about his return because

i. he never takes the same road.

ii. he has not much energy to go on.

iii. he takes risk to continue the road he chooses.

iv. he cannot choose between good and evil.

d. In the poem, the word 'road' also means:

i. morning walk                        ii. travelling wisely

iv. appropriate time                 iii. choice one makes in life

e. What has made all the difference in the speaker's life?

i. By not choosing any road                ii. Choosing a less travelled road

iii. Choosing a travelled road              iv. Visiting a beautiful forest

2. Read the text and do the tasks. 10

As soon as he came home after playing with his friends they said, "Congratulations, Kanchhu! You've been second. We've a surprise for you. Let's go in." "But daddy, I did not come first in the class."

It doesn't matter Kanchhu. You did a lot. Next time we're sure you can top the list."

Thank you daddy and mom.

"Let's go in." Both entered the room. Jayaram said, "Here's your surprise gift." In front of his eyes was a tablet. Junakiri who was ready to capture his happiness in her camera stopped when she noticed Dinesh staring at the tablet with a strange expression on his face. "What's wrong with my Kanchhu? Don't you like it?" Junakiri asked her son who took no notice of the tablet.

"I... I thought it was grandma in the room", said Dinesh, and walked out of the room. Puzzled Junakiri and Jayaram gazed at each other.

A week later Junakiri took a half day leave from her office and came home; and Jayaram went to bring his mom back. "Sorry ma, we made a big mistake. Let's go home. Your Kanchhu is waiting for you. He always grumbles, 'When is my grandma coming?", said Jayaram.

As Jayaram talked about Kanchhu, she forgot the past, and came home at once.

When Dinesh came back home from school, he opened the door as usual. He could not believe his eyes when he saw his grandmother standing and spreading her arms. He threw his school bag down, and rushed into her arms. "Grandma!", he said and embraced her.

Naani, Jayaram and Junakiri were watching the scene, and their eyes were filled with tears of happiness.

Later in the evening while they were all sitting and having their supper, grandma said to Dinesh, "Kanchhu, when we adults sometimes behave like children, God uses little ones like you to teach us a lesson."

"Does it mean you will never leave me again, grandma?" "Indeed, Kanchhu, I will never leave you again."

Jayaram cuddled him and said, "Without you, how can we be united?"

A. Write 'True' for true statements and 'False' for false ones. 5x1=5

a. Kanchhu was congratulated on being the first in his class.

b. The surprise gift did not change Dinesh's mood.

c. Dinesh's parents understood his sentiments at last.

d. Junkiri had gone to bring Dinesh's grandmother home.

e. Dinesh was so happy to see his grandmother come back home.

B. Answer the following questions in short. 5x1=5

a. What was the surprise gift given to Dinesh?

b. Why were Jayaram and Junkiri confused?

c. Why did Junkiri take a half-day leave?

d. When was Kanchhu really surprised?

e. What promise did grandma make to Dinesh?

3. Read the text given below and do the tasks. 10


Education Aid Nepal (EAN), a social organization, working in the field of education "Putting Children at the Centre" is looking for a pro-active, self-motivated and committed Education Programme Manager to manage Education Programme in five districts of Nepal c a sustainable manner.


-Project development and management

-Monitor and supervise education project in five districts

-Designing and delivering workshop, training

-Linkage with GOs/I/NGO's other like-minded organizations

-Documentations and Publications

-Project Staff development and management

-Finance management

Knowledge and Skills required

-Project development and Management

-Design and delivering training skills

-Behavioural skills

-Comprehensive understanding of community School

-Participatory management skills

-Sustainable development

-CBO's/NGO's mobilization

-Command in written and spoken English

Qualification:               M.Ed. or equivalent with five year experience in relevant field

Salary:                         Rs. 720,000.00 per annum

Period:                         Long-term (Annually renewable every year)

Working Station:         Kathmandu based with 40% field visits

All interested Nepali citizen can apply with CV and recent photograph along with the name and contact of two referees by 7th August 2021 at

Only sort listed candidates will be called for an interview.

Women are highly encouraged to apply.

A. Fill in the gaps with appropriate words/phrases from the text. 5x1=5

a. Education Aid Nepal is ...... organization in the field of education.

b. The post is ………………

c. The selected candidate will be responsible for ....... workshop, training.

d. Annual salary for the post is……………….

e. The working station will be based in ......

B. Answer the following questions in short. 5x1=5

a. What are the desired qualities of the candidates?

b. Mention the motto of the organization.

c. What is the academic qualification required for the post?

d. What documents should be submitted along with the application?

e. What is the deadline to submit the application?

4. Read the following text and do the tasks. 15

Born in 2000 BS, Gopal Yonjan is one of the popular and talented musicians of Nepal. Belonging to a family that was involved in music, it was only natural for young Yonjan to get interested in the field and choose a career in music.

He completed his schooling from a government school in Darjeeling and enrolled in St. Joseph College in science faculty as his mother wanted to make him a doctor. But his interest in music took over and rather than being a doctor, he became a famous musician. In 2019 BS, he got involved in Darjeeling Art Academy as an instrument player and since then he started creating music formally.

He became friends with Narayan Gopal who had come to Darjeeling for a musical tour in 2022 BS. In the year 1967 AD, he came to Nepal with a desire to do his Bachelor in Nepali and also make some music in collaboration with his friends. He joined Tribhuwan University for his studies and took his music and studies side by side. He won the prize for best musician in Modern Music Competition organized by Radio Nepal in 1968 AD where he performed the song "Galti Hajar Hunchan".

The songs that he created were everlasting that still represents the Nepali music. The melody in the songs were heart touching and the literary words used on the lyrics were able to leave a deep mark to the listeners. He had created music in various genres like folk song, national song, modern song, bhajan, fusion, children song, film song, sports song, etc. He has also written two books named Sangitanjali and Geetmanjari and has also lent his music to about a dozen movies like Sindoor, Kanchhi, Biswas, Mayapriti, Arko Janma, Bhumari and Pahilo Prem. He has been awarded with Suprabal Gorkha Dakchin Bahu and Chinnalata Geet Puraskar. He died on Jestha 7, 2053 BS while undergoing treatment of jaundice in Delhi.

A. Match the words in column 'A' with their meanings in column 'B'5x1=5

Column 'A'                 Column 'B'

a. faculty                     i. continuing for ever; never changing

b. collaboration            ii. a short piece of music with words that you sing

c. everlasting               iii. a tune in a piece of music or song

d. melody                    iv. a department in college or university

e. genre                       v. a particular type of literature, art, film or music

vi. the act of working with another person or group of people

B. Put the following statements in the correct order. 5x1=5

a. He joined Tribhuwan University for Bachelor's in Nepali.

b. He met Narayan Gopal in Darjeeling.

b. He was involved in Darjeeling Art Academy.

d. He underwent the treatment of jaundice in Delhi.

e. He won the prize of best musician from Radio Nepal.

C. Answer the following questions in short. 5x1=5

a. What encouraged Gopal Yonjan to involve in the field of music?

b. When did his formal musical journey begin?

c. Why did he come to Nepal?

d. Which song won the title of the best musician?

e. Mention the name of awards that Gopal Yonjan received.

5. One of your friends has won the first position is handwriting competition organized by local government. Write a formal message of congratulations to her using the clues given below. (In about 100 words) 5

Radhika Tamang - a hardworking student - stood in first position, - inter school competition - organized by local government - feeling happy - wish for further success.


6. Write a description of a historical place in about 120 words. Use the given clues. (In about 100 words) 5

Location ..... get access……. things that can be seen around, security ..........historical significance ..... suggestions.


7. Compose a dialogue between two students who are talking about their plans after SEE in six exchanges. 6


8. Write a review for a film that you have recently watched in about 200 words. 8


9. Reproduce the following sentences as indicated in the brackets. 6x1=6

a. Let me open the door, ............? (Supply the suitable tag question)

b. There was nothing left. (Change into affirmative)

c. He looks smart. (Change into 'what' question)

d. Don't speak! I ....... (write) a poem. (Supply the appropriate tense of the verb given in brackets)

e. Meera said to him, “Are you hungry?” (Change into indirect speech)

f. Someone lent her a dictionary for a week. (Change into passive voice)

10. Choose and copy the best answer from the brackets to complete the text. (Rewriting is not compulsory.) 10x0.5=5

Picnic is one of ...(a)... (a/an/the) most important ways of recreation for young students. Realizing the fact, our school...(b)... (organizes/ organized/has organized) a picnic program for grade 10 students last month. We decided to go to a picnic....(c).... (on/in/at) Saturday. We fixed the spot. It was Bandipur which is located on the top of a high hill. Nobody ....(d).... (is/was/were) absent in the programme, ...(e)... (was they/were they/was nobody)? Prabin sir led students for shopping. Rupa and Manisha ...(f)... (were asked/was asked/are asked) to pack the purchased goods. The class teacher asked them ...(g)... (that everything was ready/if everything was ready/be everything ready). He got everyone ...(h)... (reach/to reach/reached) the bus station early in the morning...(i)... (in order to/because/so that) we could reach there in time. If we hadn't moved early, we ....(j)... (can't get/couldn't get/couldn't have got) the best picnic spot there. The picnic turned into a complete success. (in order to/because/so that)

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