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Unit 6 (Grade 8) Traditional Marriage Customs around the World (Part I)

 Unit 6 (Part I)

Reading I:

Traditional Marriage Customs around the World

A. Find the words from the text which have the following meanings.
a. ......a set of actions performed regularly
b. ......a person's child or children
c........ something that stands for something else
d......... assess something to help improve it someone from a dangerous situation


a. rituals

b. offspring
c. symbolizes

d. review

e. rescue

B. Answer these questions.
a. Why did ancient people start the marriage ritual?
b. What are the two pre-wedding ceremonies in India?

c. What is a sake?
d. Why is a community important during wedding ceremony in Jamaica?
e. Who reviews the bride's looks in Jamaica?
f. Why do you think Welsh wedding traditions seem strange?


a. Ancient people started the marriage rituals to secure a safe environment in which they could have offspring and pass their property onto them.

b. The two pre- wedding ceremonies in India are the engagement ceremony and the Mehendi ceremony.

c. Sake is a Japanese alcoholic drink made from rice.

d. Community is important during wedding ceremony in Jamaica because everyone in the village comes together to help plan the wedding.

e. Everyone or the entire community in the village reviews the bride's looks in Jamaica.

f. I think welsh wedding traditions seems strange because they are unfamiliar to people who are not from that culture.


C. Match the paragraphs with their correct headings.
Paragraph 1              Jamaican Wedding

Paragraph 2             Japanese Wedding

Paragraph 3            Indian Wedding

Paragraph 4            Welsh Wedding

Paragraph 5            Introduction to Marriage


Paragraph 1- Introduction to Marriage
Paragraph 2- Indian Wedding
Paragraph 3- Japanese Wedding
Paragraph 4- Jamaican Wedding
Paragraph 5-Welsh Wedding
D. Which of the wedding cultures discussed in the text you liked the most? Give reasons.

All the wedding cultures discussed in the lesson are unique and different from each other in their own ways. However, I liked Jamaica, the entire community plays a significant role in the wedding preparations and the wedding celebration involves a lot of traditional dancing. The black cake made from dark fruits and rum is a unique feature of Jamaican wedding.

Grammar I

A. Read the following sentences. Place them in the correct column with similar structures.

My teacher lets/has/ makes us correct our mistakes ourselves.

a. It lets them live together.
f. Several cakes are brought, and the family has the bride serve them.
I got my friend to help me in my assignment.

c. The groom must bribe them in order to get his shoes returned.

e. As a symbol of the union, the family gets them to drink sake.

We had/got our room swept.
b. The bride gets her palms, wrists, and feet decorated for the wedding.

d. Japanese brides have their costumes changed several times.

a. Subject + let + agent + v1

b. Subject + get + object+ v3

c. Subject + get + object+ v3

d. Subject + has/have + object+ v3

e. Subject + get + agent+to+ v1

f. Subject + has/have + agent+ v1

B. Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the verb in the brackets.
a. Ruksar is having the mechanic........her scooter. (service)
b. Teachers made us ……... extra-classes in the evening. (take)
c. I let them ..... their windows. (open)
d. Ahamad always gets his parents ....... an expensive gift on his birthday. (buy)
e. Samrat had his bedroom.........(clean)
f. How can we get people ............... surroundings? (clean)
g. Shyanden got his hair.......yesterday. (cut)
h. Do your parents get you...........the household chores? (do)
i. Our teachers let us ...... football after 4:00. (play)
j. Did you get your shirt .........yesterday? (wash)


a. service

b. take

c. open

d. to buy

e. cleaned

f. to clean

g. cut

h. to do

i. play

j. washed

C. Rewrite the following sentences starting with the given words as subjects. Use the causative verbs in brackets.
a. Indra ordered Kamini to book tickets.
b. Somebody washed my clothes yesterday.
c. Hamid used his mother's mobile phone.

d. Did a painter paint your house?
e. Kripa goes to school on her mother's scooter.

f. The boy types my documents.
g. The police told the prisoners to raise their hands.
h. The lady hired a mechanic to mend her car.

a. Indra made Kamini book tickets.

b. I got my clothes washed yesterday.

c. Hamid's mother let him use her phone.

d. Did you have a painter paint your house?

e. Kripa's mother lets her go to school on her scooter.

f. I get the boy to type my documents.

g. The police made the prisoners raise their hands.

h. The lady had a mechanic mend her car.


Writing I
How do people celebrate wedding ceremony in your culture? Write a short description.

Nepalese Weddings

Wedding is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm in my culture. Wedding ceremony involves pre-wedding rituals, the exchange of rings, decorated venue. The couple takes part in rituals and blessing, including the type of a sacred thread.

(My special thanks to Kanchan Chaudhary of Khairahani Secondary School for preparing this material.)

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