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Guided and Free writing for class 9 and 10

The SEE students are heartily requested to read the following model questions and answers for the preparation of SEE.

You are requested to go one by one thoroughly.


(Two questions are asked in the examination. Each carries five marks.

1.1  Completing broken dialogues.
1.       Complete the following dialogue with the appropriate sentences in the box given below:          
Waiter     :    ……………………… What would you like?
Dilip         :    ………………………..
Waiter     :    Here you’re, sir.
Dilip         :    ………………….. and a glass of lassi. What would you take, Radha?
Radha      :    …………………………. and fanta.
Waiter     :    Would you like …………………., ma’m?
Radha      :    Oh, I like veg. noodles.
Waiter     :    ………………, ma’m.

a) I’ll take noodles                    b) Thank you
c) to mix anything in noodles    d) Good afternoon, sir.
e) I want chicken mo mo           f) Can I see the menu?

2.       Complete the following dialogue with the appropriate sentences in the box given below:          
Receptionist     : How can I help you, sir?
Mr. Pant    :      ………………………………… .
Receptionist     : What kind of rooms would you like, sir?
Mr. Pant    :      …………………………….. .
Receptionist     :                           ……………………………..
Mr. Pant    :      Maybe, for two nights. Is there hot shower service?
Receptionist:    Of course, ……………. Will you fill up this form, please?
Mr. Pant    :      …………….. Here you are.
Receptionist     :                                       ……………….., sir.

a) Having double beds with attach bath.  b) Sure …
c) We want two bed rooms.                      d) Thank you
e) we have solar heating system.   
f) How long will you stay, sir?

1. 2 Congratulation Letter/ Message
Que.: A friend of your stood first in national level essay competition. Write a message of congratulation for a national newspaper. Include the following points:                                 6
          Name, Deed, Award, etc,
I express my heartiest congratulation for  the great success
of my intimate friend
Kedar Ghimire
He stood first in national level essay competition.
He has already won three other awards on the district level essay competition. He is an interesting and good poet, too. He has written so many interesting poems and published a collection of most of those poems. He is also a good actor. He has acted in so many TV serials of comedy with me.
I am proud of him.
It is really a splendid achievement.  
May God continue to grant him similar successes throughout his life.
  Sitaram Kattel  

Que:  A friend of your scored first in the final examination. Write a message of congratulation to him.

24th Jan, 2018
My dear Norbu,
I am very happy to learn about your brilliant success in the examination. You are really a wonderful person. You have topped the list and won a scholarship, too. My heartiest congratulations!
The news of your success has delighted  us all beyond  measure. Everybody here is dancing with joy. We are proud of you. You have shown the way to all your friends. It is our will that shapes our destiny. It is really a splendid achievement.
I have no doubt you will rise from glory to glory. May god help you to continue similar successes throughout your life. 
With best wishes

For further practice
1.    Your friend, Saroj Sherpa, from Solukhumbu climbed the Everest. Write a formal notice on congratulations in a newspaper to him on behalf of the school and classmates: (2062 D)
2.       Imagine that one of your friends Bharat has passed the SLC in the highest first division; write a congratulation letter to him. (2062E1) 6

1.3 Condolence (Formal and Informal)

1. Suppose you are Madhav Joshi and your friend is Laxman Shahi. Both of you were working at Himalayan International Secretarial Centre. Unfortunately, Laxman was killed in a bus accident that plunged into Trisuli River. Write a formal notice of condolence to be published in a newspaper, using the clues given in the box.
Laxman Shahi-----32 years old---typist---died on Feb. 12, 2015---always humorous and cheerful --- liked by all the friends --- a great loss. 
Heartfelt Condolence


I express my deep sympathy and grief at the sudden and untimely
demise of
He was an active typist of Himalayan International Secretarial Centre. He was just 32 years old, who died on Feb. 12, 2015 in a bus accident that plunged into Trisuli river. He was always humorous and cheerful. He was very helpful so he was liked by all his friends. It is a great loss for the institution. I missed him very much.
I extend my heartfelt condolence to his bereaved family and relatives and pray that his departed soul will rest in peace in heaven.
He will always remain in my heart and memory.

Madhav Joshi

2. You and your friend, Juneli Gurung, were working in Gyan Punja Secondary School in Sanothimi Bhaktapur. Unfortunately, she was killed in a road accident while crossing the road in Maitighar, Kathmandu. Use the clues in the box to write a letter of condolence to her parents.
Juneli Gurung-----24 years old---English teacher---died on Feb. 28th, 2015--- friendly and honest --- hard working and helpful.

March 10, 2015
Dear Uncle and Aunt,
I am very much shocked with the news of sudden and untimely demise of your daughter Juneli Gurung. As you know, we were working in Gyan Punja Secondary School in Sanothimi, Bhaktapur. She was just 24 years old. She was a popular English teacher. She was friendly and honest. She had impressed both teachers and students. She was also hard working and helpful. Unfortunately, she was killed in a road accident while crossing the road in Maitighar, Kathmandu on Feb. 28th 2015.
I pray to the god to provide a rest in peace to her departed soul in heaven and to give you strength to overcome your grief. I have missed her very much. It’s a great loss.

Yours sincerely,
Rashmi Adhikari

Write a readable story with the help of these guidelines:               
Two goats – narrow bridge – come from two opposite directions – both want to pass at a time both reach in the middle of the bridge and say, ‘Let me go first.’ – both remain standing for minutes – both get angry and fight – both fall into the river – get lesson.
Two Foolish Goats
Once upon a time there were two goats. The goats were very stupid. They came near the bridge from different direction. They were crossing a narrow bridge over a deep river. They were coming from opposite directions. They encountered in the middle of the bridge. The bridge was so narrow that they couldn’t pass at a time nor they could get back. As both of them were  very stupid, they couldn’t get the idea to pass the bridge safely. One of the goats told another to let her go first. Similarly another also said the same idea.they repeated the same request again and again. Finally they got angry and began to fight . Consequently both of them fell into the deep water and lost the life.
Moral: Foolishness brings trouble.

1.5 News Story/Report
Model 1
Write a news story using the following clues: (SLC 2059 B2)         6
Bus Mishap
15 dies in bus mishap – a night bus (B 2860 Kh) – Kathmandu to Bhadrapur – collided with a truck loaded with buffaloes at Bhimphedi turning – many buffaloes ran away – 13 killed on the spot, one on the way to hospital and one in the hospital – 14 injured hospitalized in Makawanpur hospital – drivers in custody.
15 killed in a Bus Accident
Hetauda, June 13 (RSS)
   A bus got an accident yesterday. 15 people lost their life in the accident. The bus was a night bus numbered as B 2860 Kh which was collided with a truck loaded with buffaloes.
     The night bus that left Kathmandu was going to Bhadrapur via the Tribhuvan Highway which is one of the most difficult and dangerous road of Nepal. While running along the winding road, at a sharp turning at Bhimphedi. The bus encountered and collided with the truck. Both of the vehicles turned over and fell down about 50 feet below. Many buffaloes in the truck ran away. 13 passengers were killed on the spot, one died on the way to hospital and one in the hospital. 14 injured passengers have been hospitalized in Makawanpur hospital. The condition of two passengers is very serious. The other passengers went home after normal treatment.
   It is reported that the bus was in high speed. One of the passengers said that the driver jumped out of the seat before it collided with the truck. The driver is in police custody for inquiry.

 Write a news story on the basis of the outlines given below:        

Plane Crashed at Thankot
Flying to Kathmandu from Pokhara – Thick clouds – hit the TV tower – caught fire – all people died – compensation to the passengers announced Rs. 5,00,000 each.
Plane Crashed at Thankot
Kathmandu, July 23 (RSS)
      Yesterday a plane flying to Kathmandu from Pokhara crashed  near Thankot. All the passengers including the crew members died on the spot.
   The plane which belonged to Cosmic Airways got the accident. At the beginning the weather was fine but it began to change after some time. Suddenly a big mass of thick clouds appeared in the sky. The visibility was very poor. The pilot was flying the plane very low because he couldn't see properly. Consequently the plane hit the TV tower and caught a fire. According to the local people who witnessed the crash, the plane was flying at low altitude and all of sudden they heard a sound of explosion. All the passengers including the crew died in the accident.
      An hour after the crash the rescue team reached on the spot. They found the bodies of dead passengers scattered here and there on the spot. The government has announced to extend Rs. 5,00,000 compensation to the each deceased passenger's family.

1.6     Paragraph Writing:
1.       Try to remember the most important event in your life and write it down in a paragraph.       
Most Important Event in my Life
          The event happened when I used to study at grade six. I was young as well as I was quite shy. I did not use to speak in front of the crowd. I felt difficult to speak formally in public. My school often conducted extracurricular activities in which my friends used to win and receive award in front of other students in the presence of teachers. I was quite fond of it. One day I decided to take part in story reciting competition. Though I was timid to speak formally, I was good at writing. I wrote a nice story and submitted to my class teacher. The programme began. I felt very nervous. When the teacher called my name, I nearly fainted. How I completed the job I couldn't remember all. But I received second prize. Since then I attended the programme regularly. My first attempt made me courageous to do a good job.

For additional practice

1.     Write a short description of "Mahendra Highway" with the help of the following hints:         
          Mahendra Highway.......Mechi to Mahakali.......about 1000 km......Various parts of the Terai......Gandaki, Koshi, Karnali.....several bridges........late king Mahendra......many countries mainly India......a mile stone in the field of national development.
2.       Write an introduction of "Nepal Rastra Secondary School" using the following clues: 
          6 miles west from Butwal.....lovely and open 2012 B.S. ......primary nlevel at the beginning......secondary level in 2050........725 students and 36 teachers and other staff.......large ground........library science lab......good SLC result......awarded by the Ministry of Education..........famous in the region.

1.7     Charts and Diagrams
1.       Describe this pie diagram/chart using the clues given below:    6
A pie-chart – expenditure of Rishiram’s salary – an accountant in an office – monthly income Rs. 8,000/- - spends 40% amount of salary in food – 5% in social work.
This is a pie-chart. It shows the expenditure of Rishiram. He spends his monthly salary in different topics. He is an accountant in an office. His monthly salary is Rs. 8,000/-. He has made a plan to spend his income in this way:
According to the pie chart, he spends maximum money in food. His expenditure in food  is 40 percent amount of salary. He has planned to spend only 5% amount of his salary in social work. He is spending the least amount of money in this topic. The chart shows that he spends 20% amount of his salary in flat rent and 15% in entertainment. This means that he spends more money in flat rent than in entertainment. He spends as much amount in clothes as in education. In the other words, he spends 10% amount on each topic.
2. Describe this bar diagram using the clues given below:             6
index – boys – girls in Adarsha  Secondary School Mahendranagar – number of students – grade six, seven, eight, nine and ten
This is a bar diagram. It shows the number of students of grade six, seven, eight, nine and ten of Adarsha  Secondary School. it lies in Mahendranagar. According to this bar diagram the total number of students in grade six is 145. Among them 65 students are boys where as 80 students are girls. Similarly, the total number of students in grade seven is 130. Among them 60 students are boys and 70 students are girls. In grade eight, there are 45 boys and 65 girls. From this bar diagram we can say that there are 60 boys and 70 girls in grade nine and there are 45 boys and 65 girls in grade 10. According to the bar diagram, the highest number of students are in grade six.

1.8     Rules and Regulations
1.    Write a list of rules and regulations for the school.                     
The list of six rules and regulations for a school is:
i.           Students must wear school uniform.
ii.        Students should enter the school by 10 am.
ii.        Everybody mustn't wear ordinary clothes..
iii.           All the students should attend the school assembly.
iv.           No one is allowed to eat in the classroom.
v.         Making noise in the classroom is forbidden.
vi.           Every student must show the classwork and homework to the respective teachers.

For your practice
1. Write a set of rules and regulations for your classroom.   
2. Write a set of rules and regulations for the school library.           
3..    Write a set of rules and regulations for a national park.               
4.    Write a set of rules and regulations for the zoo.                          

1.8 Preparing advertisement
1.  You are the Principal of a school. Your school requires an English Teacher for higher secondary level. You would like to have a trained and experienced English Teacher. Write an Advertisement for the post.                                                                                               
A newly established higher secondary school with a motto of quality education and enough assistant to needy students in higher education is in need of energetic, enthusiastic staffs for the following posts:
Post               :         Higher Secondary Full Time Teacher.
Subject          :         English
Qualification          :                     Masters level in English.
Required Nos.        :                                                    One
Experiences  :         At least 3 years.
Remuneration :      As per the candidate's capability and experiences.
Qualified and interested individuals are requested to send their application in the following address with a copy of their academic qualification, C.V. and a recent passport sized photograph within 27th of Chaitra, 2067.
Adarsh Shiksha H. S. School Lalitpur -10 Nepal
P.O. Box – 10035, Ph. Nos. : 5570119, 5577362

For your practice
1. You are the principal of a school. Your school requires a music
teacher. The music teacher must have a bachelor degree in music, and can teach both classical and pop music. Write an advertisement for the post. (SLC 2058 C2)                       

 1.9 Leaflet Writing

Write a leaflet for the visitors who are interested to visit Pokhara.

A Visitors Guide to Pokhara
We warmly welcome you to Pokhara and to have a good time. Here are a few things that'll help you to make your journey comfortable.
Getting here
To get to Pokhara, you can fly direct from capital city, Kathmandu or you can take a bus or taxi, enjoying the beautiful scenery.
You can find many luxurious hotels near lakeside, a famous tourist place.
Places to visit
There are lots of beautiful places to visit. Fewa lake, Begnas lake, Sarangkot, Shanti Stupa, Bats cave, Mahendra cave and Davis Falls are the main attractions in Pokhara.
Time to Visit
Pokhara has a mild climate throughout the year; not so cold in winter and not so hot in the summer. However, spring and autumn are the most appropriate seasons to visit Pokhara.
Nepali rupees is the currency. Traveller's cheques are accepted by most banks. US dollars are also accepted. one US dollar is approximately 90 NRs. Money can be changed at any bank.

2.    Free Writing
Two questions are asked in the examination
 One carries six marks and another carries eight marks.

2. 1 Personal Letter
Model 1
Write a letter to your friend describing the weather in your region. Express your feelings whether you like or dislike it and say why.                                                                

The place you live                    Weather (hot/cold/temperate)
Birds                                        Vegetation
April 5, 2020
Dear Asmita,                            
        I am well here and I hope that you are also well there. I got your letter yesterday. I opened and read it. It was interesting.  I’m very much delighted. As you have asked me to write about the weathers in my region, I am writing a few words about it.
        As you know I live in the plain Terai region, in the southern part of Nepal. The name of my village is Khairahani. It is in the eastern part of Chitwan district.
The climate found in my region is sub-tropical. It is very hot in summer season. The maximum temperature reaches up to 420 Celsius. Actually I hate such extreme temperature. The monsoon brings rain fall in this season. When it rains, the weather becomes mild. It is very cold in winter season. The fog overcasts the atmosphere and the visibility becomes very poor. But in the afternoon and evening, the atmosphere remains clear. Sometimes the fog remains unclear for a week long. Then the weather becomes very uneasy and cold. In other seasons the weather is temperate and pleasant. I like such weather very much.
            It is rich in flora and fauna. Different types of plants and animals are found in my region. About 300 species of birds are found in my region. The common birds are parrot, sparrow, swallow, dove, pigeon, crow, mynah, heron, crane, cuckoo, nightingale, owl kingfisher, pea-cock, hen, cock, jungle fowl, wood peckers, lark, etc.Sub-tropical vegetation is found in my region. The common trees are saal, (simal) cotton tree, sisau, bakaino, catechu (khayar), etc. The fruits are banana, lichee, mango, guava, grapes, pineapple, jackfruit, peach, lemon, etc. The vegetables are potato, lady’s finger, radish, tomato, cabbage, cauli-flower, carrot, beans, snake-guard, bitter-guard, pumpkin etc. The farmer grows rice, corn (maize), wheat, mustard, millet, buckwheat, barley, lentils, etc.
      Please convey my remembrance to all of you family members. My little sister Kanchhi says Namaste to all of you.  Ashok, this much for today. I look forward to your reply soon.  Thank you!
                                                            Your loving friend
                                                            Shanta Tiwari

For your practice
1.       Write a letter to your friend giving a short account of your village or town. Use the following clues: [SLC 2057A2]                                                                                           
          location, development, population, specials characteristics, your own opinion about it, conclusion.  
2.       Write a letter to your pen friend describing the festival that you enjoyed most.        
3.       Suppose you are studying in a campus away from your home. Writ e a letter to your parents telling them about your study, exam and asking for money.                                       12
4.       Write a letter of invitation to one of your foreign friends stating your sister’s marriage that is going to take place immediately after your examination. (SLC 2058 E1)              12

2.2  Letter to the Editor

1.       Write a letter in about 150 words, to the editor of The Kathmandu Post about the problem on water supply in your local area.                                                             12
Chainpur, Chitwan
14th January, 2016
The Editor in Chief
The Kathmandu Post
Kathmandu, Nepal

                Subject: About the problem of water supply in my local

Dear Sir,
       I shall feel highly obliged and favoured if  the following lines are published in your esteemed daily newspaper under the column "Letter to the Editor". 
      The name of my village is Chainpur. It lies in the eastern part of Chitwan district. There are so many problems in my locality. One of them is the problem of water supply. In my area the water supply has been cut, officially, by 50 percent. This has caused a lot of inconvenience. It is dry season and people need more water for drinking, bathing and even for sprinkling. Many of the people have to go out without a bath daily. They cannot get water for washing their clothes. As a result of it, life has become miserable. People stand in queues waiting for water. For the people who go to the offices, it has become quite strenuous. There is no other source of getting water because even the hand pumps do not work properly.  
     I’d like to draw the attention of the concerned authority and the government to solve this problem. If immediate steps are not taken, it may result in many diseases and water famine. The authorities should take some steps for restoring the regular supply of water.
          Yours truly
                                                                             Suman Sharma

2.3     Job Application
1.       Suppose you are Mina Wanta from Dadeldhura. Read the given advertisement and write an application for the post:

Yeti Parcel Service
3/60 Mahendrapool, Pokhara
Wanted Immediately
YPS, a leading parcel service in the region, is looking for an Office Secretary.
-            B. Com. or equivalent
-            Strong computer skills
-            Excellent written & spoken English
-            25 – 35 years
-            Nepali citizen, preferably a woman
Application along with PP sized photograph, photocopies of certificates and a complete bio-data should reach the above address not later than March 25, 2020.

March 20, 2020
The Manager
Yeti Parcel Service
3/60 Mahendrapool, Pokhara
            Subject: Application for the post of Office Secretary.
Dear Sir,
With reference toyour advertisement which was published in 'The Kantipur' on March 15, 2020 for the post of 'Office Secretary' I wish to apply for the same.
I am a young Nepali lady of 27 years old. I have sound health and pleasing personality. I passed the SLC exam from Khairahani Higher Secondary School Khairahani in 2010. Then I joined +2 and completed after two years. Then I joined  in Commerce Campus Ratnanagar from where I passed B. Com. in second division. I have completed the basic and the diploma course in computer operation from Oxford Computer Institute. I have good command over written and spoken English.
I have included my detailed C.V.,  photocopies of certificates and a recent PP sized photo herewith this application.
If I were able to win your esteemed consideration, I would try my best to satisfy you. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Thank you!
Yours faithfully
 Mina Wanta

Name: Mina Wanta
Address: Dadeldhura Bazaar-7, Dadeldhura
Telephone number: 062-455324
Mobile number: 9846134562
Nationality: Nepali      
Date of birth: February 8, 1993
Marital status: Married
Father’s Name: Bhimsen Wanta           
Academic Qualification:
SLC in the first division from Khairahani Higher Secondary School Khairahani in 2010
+2 in the first division from Amar Higher Secondary School, Khurkhure Bazaar in 2012           
B.Com. in the first second from Commerce Campus, Ratnanagar 2016
3 years experience as an office secretary in Yak Parcel Service, Kathmandu


1. Rivers in Nepal
Moving mass of water which flows from high land to low land is called river. Rivers begin or rise to flow from mountains or lakes. They flow through mountains, rocks and plain lands. They finally fall in to the sea or some other river. There are a large number of rivers in Nepal. Most of them rise from Himalayas or high mountains. However, some come from the mountains tops. Most of the rivers in Nepal start from snow capped mountains so they flow continuously. These rivers are permanent in flowing water.
A few names of such rivers are: Koshi, Tamor, Gandaki, Karnali, Arun, Trisuli, Rapti, Sunkoshi, Narayani, Seti etc. Koshi is the biggest, Gandaki is the deepest and Karnali is the longest of all these rivers in Nepal. We all are rich in water resource. We can make good income from these rivers. However, only a little part of water resource is in proper usage. It is unfortunate that most of the water flows down uselessly.
 Rivers are very useful. They have many advantages. Some of their advantages are given as follows.  We can irrigate our fields from the water of rivers. People can use the water of rivers as drinking water. We can get fish from rivers. The rivers of Nepal are very effective to produce hydro-electricity. We can row boat and raft along the rivers. Rivers can create some problems also. Flooding is one of the most dangerous problems caused by river.
Nepal is the second rich country in water resource in the world. Brazil is the richest country in water resource. If hydro electricity could be produced, Nepal would have been counted as a developed country of the world. The rivers in Nepal are of great importance because they can play a vital role for the development of the country. They can be used to generate electricity, supply drinking water and provide irrigation. These are the reasons why the rivers in Nepal are of great importance.

2. My Aim in Life
Everybody in the world must have his or her aim in life. A man without any aim can do nothing in life. Aim is helpful to get success in life. Aim helps people to run their future life easily. Different people have different aims in life. Some people want to earn a lot of money whereas some people wish to acquire knowledge. Some People want to have glory and fame.
Our country is very poor and is therefore backward in many aspects. The progress of a country depends upon agriculture, industry and trade. I am an ordinary boy. I want to be a teacher. My aim in life is to teach my illiterate villagers. Illiteracy is the main problem of our country. I want to avoid this problem from my country.
Education is the light of life. Without good education people can not do creative and advanced works. So, I would like to teach all. Children are the pillars of nation so they must get the chance to be educated. If farmers are educated they can grow a lot of crops. Everybody should be warned in the country that over population is problem to all. I will try my best to teach uneducated people that the only remedy for the uncontrolled population growth is family planning. Education is necessary in every field so I would like to spread education. Without education development of the country is not possible so I think my aim is fruitful for the society and my country as well. I’m a student now whether my aim becomes true or not in future.  
3. A Domestic Animal I Like Most
Animals can be divided into two groups according to their living place. Some animals live in forest. They are known as wild animals. Other animals are kept near our houses. They are known as domestic animals. The animals can be divided into three groups according to the food they eat. Herbivorous animals eat only grass, carnivorous animals eat only meat and omnivorous animals eat both meat and grass. There are a number of pet animals in our society. I like all of them more or less. But the cow is a domestic animal I like most.
Cow is four footed animal. It has two horns, one tail and a big body. The cow uses its tail to chase the flies away. It uses its horns to fight with its enemies. Cows are different in colours. Various kinds of cows are found in our society. Cows from Holland and hybrid cows give much milk than local cows. Local cows are the most common in our villages.
The cow is a gentle animal. It is our national animal also. It gives us milk that is nourishing food to all of us. Milk is a perfect food for babies and sick persons. It is milk from which butter, ghee, cheese, curd and many other kinds of sweets are made.
The cow’s dung is used as manure which fertilizes crops. Cow’s dung can be used to coat our houses also. Dry dung can be used as fuel.  The urine of the cow is also used as medicine in some diseases. The cow is useful to us even when she is dead. Many things such as shoes, glue, buttons, combs etc. are made of the cow’s skin, hoof, hair, horns and bones.
               The cow is one of the most useful domestic animals. This good animal is worshipped as Laxmi Mata at Tihar. Because of these reasons I like this animal most.
 4.  A Place of Historical Importance
There are many places in Nepal which bear historical and religious importance. Some of the places of historical importance are Gorkha, Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur etc. The Kathmandu valley itself is a place of such importance. It is said that the valley of Kathmandu was once a great lake. In course of time the water in it flowed out through a passage which was made by Manjushree and thus it became the present valley.
Kathmandu always has history in it. Many kings ruled this place. Some great kings like Manadeva, Ansuvarma, Jayasthiti Malla, Prithivi Narayan Shah, Tribhuvan Bir Bikram Shah all ruled over it. In the past Nepal was divided into different countries. Kathmandu valley itself was divided into three different countries. They were Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan. Mallas were the kings of those countries. Prithivi Narayan Shah defeated them and he started to rule over them.
Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. Kathmandu is also known as the city of temples because there are many temples in Kathmandu. Some of the most famous temples are Pashupati Nath, Guhyeswari, Lord Krishna in Patan, Dakshin Kali, Swyambhu,Taleju etc are situated in this area.  
There are many buildings in kathmandu valley. The fifty five windowed palace of Bhaktapur, the Hanuman Dhoka and the Narayanhity palace are the unparalleled instances of Nepalese arts and carvings. This historical place is successful to attract tourists from many other countries. Because of these reasons this valley is popular in the world.
5.    My School       
The name of my school is Shree Jana Jiwan Higher Secondary School. It was established in 2016 B.S. My school is situated in the heart of Chainpur village of Khairahani municipality. Gopal Prasad Sharma is the Head teacher of my school. There are 23 teachers in my school. Among them 9 teachers are ladies and 14 teachers are gents. Bharat Raj Ghimire is the Incharge of Primary level of my school. All the teachers of my school are trained and experienced.
There are many students in my school. About seven hundred students read in my school. All students are honest, laborious and well disciplined. They always come to school in school uniform. The teachers are strict and the students are talent. The students are also good in other extra curricular activities. They are very good in athletics and sports also.
There is a big playground in front of my school where students play different types of games in their leisure period. Students can drink clean water in my school. There are separate toilets for boys and girls. We have computer lab also. There is a big library in my school. Students can read different books there. The students can do practical work of science in my school because there is a science laboratory in my school.  
The students are regular. My school is successful in holding good results in SEE and other exams. This school is famous in this region.

 6. My Village
There are many villages in Nepal. Nepal is made up of villages. The name of my village is Chainpur. It lies on the lap of Kankali Community Forest. It is in the eastern part of Chitwan district. My village is eighteen kilometers far from district headquarters Bharatpur. My village is surrounded by many villages like Birendranagar in the east, Pithuwa in the west, Jutpani and Saktikhor in the north and Khairahani in the south. Two rivers work as boarders. They are Kayar Khola in the west and Ladara Khola in the east. These rivers create problem in rainy season.
It is in inner Terai region. It is very hot in summer and it is somehow cold in winter. In other seasons the climate is mild.
About 500 families live in my village. They belong to different castes like Brahman, Kshetri, Newar, Tamang, Gurung, Darai, Magar, Kami, Damai etc. They follow different religions. Mainly three religions are existed in my village. They are Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity.
Most of the people are farmers in my village. Different kinds of vegetables and crops are grown here. Some of the villagers are job holders. Some of the villagers involve in their own trade.
There is a graveled road which links to the main road from my village. We have the facility of electricity. There is a good supply of clean drinking water through pipes. A bus daily goes to Kathmandu from my village.
The villagers are honest, laborious and helpful. There isn’t pollution in my village. People are conscious towards development. Religious tolerance, co-operation and hospitality are the characteristics of my village. I love my village. My village is a model of our nation so the villagers are very happy.
 7. Importance of English Language
Language is used to communicate each other. Without language people are just like beasts. There are many languages in the world. About 4000 languages are spoken in the world. Some languages are spoken widely and some languages are confined in small areas. Some languages are known as dead languages because they are not used in present time. Such as Sanskrit, Greek, Latin etc are dead languages. English is that language which is spoken widely.
English language is more important than other languages because it is an international language. English language has both written and spoken forms. Most of the important books are written in English. Books of science and technology are also written in English. It is used as native language in many countries like USA, UK, Canada, and Australia and so on. In some countries it is used as official language. English is used as lingua franca also. This is the age of computer. English is used in computer. Pilots of international flights use English language. English is main language in tourism. Without English tourism trade can’t get success. English is that language through which we can peep the world. The person who has good command over English language can easily get job in different sectors in the world.
English is the most important language in the world. We can exist without any difficulty in the world if we have good command of English. The person who can speak and write English may have bright future. Because of these reasons we must learn English language.
8. Value of Time
We are in this world for few years. We have to do a lot of duties in this period of time therefore we must use our time wisely. Time and tide waits for none. Time always moves forward. Time once gone never comes back. It can not be measured with price or money so it is the most valuable thing in life. Success and failure of the people depend on the use of time. The people who use their time properly will get success in their life.
What we need can be bought but time can never be bought. Time always fleets without any rest. It cannot be controlled or limited by any power. Even the smallest unit of time is more valuable then any of the metals such as gold, silver and diamond.
Time is equally important for all in this vast world. There is a saying time and tide waits for no man. It means that time once lost can never be regained so we have to make routine to use our time. We should develop the habit of doing everything in right time. We shouldn’t waste our time in useless activities like playing cards, gossiping and so on.  People who give great value to time became successful in their lives. Those who missed good opportunities of time were never successful.
We must use our time in good actions. It must not be wasted in idle deeds. Time bears great importance for people to make their future bright. Time is as important as life. If we know the value of time only then we can achieve great success in life.
9. Student Life
We have different stages in life. Among them student life is the most valuable life in our life. Commonly this life begins from the age of six and runs up to adolescence. Human being can learn several things in this stage of life. Student life is the preparation of life. Our future life is guided by the labors which we do in our student life. In this stage of life we can make our career or we can say that we can shape our future. If we have good training in our student life, we can be good citizens in our future life.
In our student life we should learn good things. We must learn our lessons at schools. In this life we must do our class work and home work honestly. We must be regular to go to school. We must respect our teachers. We must obey our parents. We must try to make our character good. We must learn to have discipline. We must care for our health, too. Without good health we can do nothing. We must be obedient to our parents, teachers and superiors. We must always remember that obedience is a great virtue for a student.
The best part of our life is student life. We must use our time to build up our bright future. We must stand as a model in this stage of life. Most of the people are in this stage of life. They are spending this life properly. I am a student of Jana Jiwan Secondary School. I try to spend my student life properly. I think I will be successful in my life.
10. Importance of Education       
The word education is derived from Latin words ‘E’ and ‘Duco’. ‘E’ means inside and ‘Duco’ means to grow up. So the etymological meaning of education is to grow up from inside. Education is the light of life. Education is necessary for the progress of the people of a country. Without proper education, no country can achieve any remarkable progress. Education is therefore an important factor for development. If People are educated, they can acquire good knowledge of different things. Education is that thing which is helpful to change the behaviour of a person.
Education is useful to people of almost all professions. If farmers are educated, they can do their best in farming. They would also develop better way of cultivation. They can use pesticides and fertilizers properly. Education is the basic need for producing manpower such as doctors, pilots, teachers, farmers or policemen etc. If a person is not educated, the person won’t get job or employment. Good education is also necessary for earning a living. Any person can earn name and fame if he/she is well educated.
Education has its own value. An educated person can be admired by other people, too. Thus, education is the most essential part of our life. Therefore we can say that education is necessary for all.

11. Importance of Agriculture in Nepal
Nepal is a developing country. Most of the people in Nepal live in villages. Nepal is widely known as agriculture country. About 93% of its people depend on agriculture. Total land worth cultivation is limited in our country. Most people remain busy digging and ploughing the limited land to grow more and more crops. However, they can not   produce good crops because of the lack of good and technical knowledge. It is true that agriculture in Nepal has a great importance. Many families cannot even service without the practice of agriculture. Whatever the importance of agriculture might be, no country can achieve real prosperity simply through pure agriculture economy. It is time now that agriculture should be minimized and industry or manufacture should be started.
We should know how both agriculture and industry can be developed parallelly. Also all the land should not be used for industry only.
With agricultural development, we can supply foodstuffs for people and pets. At the same time, we can provide raw materials necessary for industries. Agriculture is successful to solve the problem of unemployment also. Agriculture is the backbone of nation’s economy. National income of the people depends on agriculture in Nepal. So agriculture in Nepal has a great importance.

 12. Evils of Dowry         
There are some harmful, rotten, dead, and old traditions which still exist in our society. Among these harmful traditions dowry system is one. Dowry system is one of the curses in our society.  Dowry is the property or thing which is given by the parents of bride at her marriage. Dowry may be something valuable/expensive like TV, motorbike, furniture, household appliances, money etc. This evil practice is spreading rapidly in spite of protests, legislations and public awareness.
Dowry system creates so many problems in our society. Boys may run after dowry. In engagement ceremonies we can see so many people bargaining about dowry. The girls of poor economic background may not get the chance of marriage because boys may not be interested to do marriage with poor girls. Poor families can not afford sufficient dowry to their daughters at their marriage. They have to sell their land to give dowry at their daughters wedding. Poor people may become poorer and poorer.
In order to get good bridegroom for their daughters, they have to offer generous dowries. To give generous dowries, poor people are compelled to mortgage their land. Finally they will become landless. So many social crimes such as suicide, murder, divorce etc have been created by this evil system. This system is the great sin of Hindu society.
This evil system must be avoided from our society. To avoid this evil system young men and women must be instructed. The women should organize themselves more unitedly and purposefully against dowry. To check the menace of dowry, a wide and popular movement should be initiated. 
13. Democracy
Democracy is a political system in which the citizens of a country elect their representatives. The government is formed by these representatives of the people. Abraham Lincoln, famous president of the United States, has defined that democracy is the government of the people for the people by the people.
Democracy is a government that allows freedom of speech, religion and political opinion. It provides treatment of each other by citizens as equals, without social class divisions. It upholds the rule of law and majority rule. It also respects the rights of minority.
In democracy election plays vital role. Representatives are selected by means of election. People can give vote to good representatives. They must work for the sake of the citizens and nation. Prime minister is chosen by the majority of votes. Majority is taken into consideration in democracy.
In democratic country, fundamental rights of the citizens are guaranteed by the constitution. Sovereignty lies on the whole people of the country. In the present world, most of the countries have exercised democracy. Democracy has provided many advantages to the people; however, it has some demerits, too.

14. Tourism in Nepal
A person who travels from one place to another is known as tourist. The trade related to tourists is known as tourism.  The people who travel inside their country are known as internal tourists and the people who travel outside their country are known as external tourists. In other words internal tourists visit their own country whereas external tourists travel abroad. The external tourists are important for a country because they are good source of income. They are our paying guests.
There is good possibility of tourism in Nepal because Nepal is full of beautiful sceneries. Nepal is rich in various resources and cultural diversities. Many tourists come to Nepal to see its god – gifted natural sceneries. They are green forests the flora and fauna, the snow capped peaks, the antique and artistic temples. Typical remote and unspoilt villages, their cultures, traditions and their unique natural beauty etc. are the attractions of Nepal. The tourists spend foreign currency which can be used to develop our country and import foreign goods. They purchase our traditional art and handicrafts. Many people can have benefit from hotel Industries for tourists. We can learn foreign language as well as cultures from them. It helps us to cultivate a broad outlook. They help to make our country known to the rest of the world. We can find some disadvantages from the tourism, too. Some of them may have bad habits that may spoil our young generation.
There is no doubt that tourism is a good source of income. It supports the nation’s economy. The government should implement the effective programmes for tourists, which can attract more tourists to our country.

15. The Telephone
Telephone is the best means of communication. It is used in every part of the world. The telephone is invented by an American scientist Graham Bell in 1876. It is the part of our life. Nowadays people feel great inconvenience without telephone. There are many varieties of telephones. VHF telephone, landline telephone, prepaid mobile telephone, postpaid mobile telephone and so on are the main varieties of telephone. In our county mobile phones are used by many people because they are easily got from different shops.
Telephone has two parts. One is receiver and another is transmitter. Electricity is necessary for telephone. Sound is carried through electricity or air. One can dial the number of another person and another person can hear the telephone call. The second person receives the call and they start talking.
As its name suggest ‘tele’ means far and ‘phone’ means sound. By using this machine we can hear the sound of long distance. It is very useful to us. We can talk to a person who is very far from us. It is easy, time consuming and cheap as well. We can inform very fast by using it. For example, robbery, firing, accident etc can be informed very fast by using telephone. We can contact to the people of the world without going to their places. Various messages can be conveyed by sitting at home. So it is very useful for us. The government should decrease the fees of telephone so that many people can use it and get advantages from it.

16. The Television         
Television was invented by John Logie Baird in 1926. It broadcasts the picture and sound by radio waves or electric cable. Television, an attractive present of modern science and technology, is very popular device which provides us information, knowledge and entertainment. It has brought a great change in the lifestyle of the people in the modern society. There are different kinds of televisions with various shapes, models and prices.
There are some advantages of watching television. It works as a source of information, entertainment and inspiration. We can get different kinds of information from television news and programmes. Some programmes are both entertaining as well as inspiring. We can watch different kinds of programmes, sports and movies on it. We can pass our time easily by watching it. We can see the happening of the world by sitting in a room.
There are some disadvantages of watching television. It is harmful to the eyes. It creates disturbances in the room by producing noise pollution. Generally children and teenagers spend their time by watching television which is harmful for them. Their age is suitable to make their career. They may spoil their career by watching television all the time. They may fail to get success in their study.

17. The Radio         
Radio is the one of the best means of communication. It was invented by Marconi in 1902. He was an Italian scientist. By means of radio we can hear different programmes. There are different radio stations which provide various programmes. Some of the most popular radio stations are BBC, the voice of America etc.
Radio is the cheapest means of communication. It is easy to use. It can be used while we are doing some physical works. We can listen to the current news by means of radio. It broadcasts live programmes also. It gives us national and international news. It provides us entertainment also. We can listen to popular songs. Nowadays it provides various programmes for teachers and students. It is medium of mass communication. Students can learn several things by means of radio. It is effective in remote areas also. A programme which is broadcasted from a station can be heard by a large group of people.
There are so many radio stations in Nepal. Radio Nepal is national radio station of Nepal. FM radios are the fashion of Nepal. We can listen to news every hour from radios. Local news is also broadcasted by FM radios. In our district there are four local FM radio stations. They are Kalika FM, Synergy FM, Hamro FM and Chitwan FM.
Radios are very helpful to pass our time. We can spend our leisure time by listening radio. We can pass our time easily as well as we can learn several things. It educates the common people on various matters. It broadcasts several programmes to meet the interest, taste and needs of different people.

18. Newspapers       
There are different means of communication. Among them newspaper is one. In Nepal so many newspaper are published. Some of them are daily newspapers and some of them are weekly and so on. Some of the newspapers are in Nepali medium and some newspapers are in English medium. The Rising Nepal is one of the most popular English daily newspapers in Nepal.
A newspaper gives the news and views of different people. In developing countries like Nepal where there are less facilities of email, internet and so on newspaper plays vital role in the field of communication. Gorkhapatra, Kantipur, the Rising Nepal, the Kathmandu Post etc are the most common newspapers in Nepal. There are some local newspapers in main cities of Nepal.
Newspaper gives us recent news. Only literature person can read newspaper so literate person can get benefit from the newspapers. Illiterate person can not get benefit from the newspapers. Newspapers must publish good news. Twisted and broken news must not be published because they may mislead the people. People can tell their problems to the government by means of newspapers. They may guide the government. Government can work according to the interest of the people.
Newspapers are available in every towns and cities of Nepal. Many people enjoy reading newspapers. So many articles are published in newspapers which are very interesting to read. Students can also get benefit from the newspapers. Important notices, information and advertisements are also published in newspapers. So they are very important for all.

19. The festival I like most
Nepal is rich in culture. So many feasts and festivals are observed in Nepal. Most of the people in Nepal are Hindus. So, Hindu festivals are very common in Nepal. Many festivals are observed in my community. Dashain, Tihar, Holi, Janai Purnima etc are the most common festivals in my community. Among these festivals I like Dashain most.
Dashain is the greatest festival of Hindu people. It lies in the month of October. This festival is observed for fifteen days. During this festival all the schools, campuses and offices are remain closed. So, all the family members come back to their houses. They get the chance to meet each other. The surroundings are kept clean. People paint their houses beautifully. 
During this festival people worship Durga who is the goddess of power and strength. Different animals are sacrificed to goddess Durga. People recite holy book Chandi to worship Durga. The tenth day of Dashain is the most important. On this day seniors mark the foreheads of juniors by putting coloured spot known as Tika. Children are very happy in this festival because they get new dresses to wear. They eat good food during this festival. They go outside to play swing also.
    All the members of the family come back in their houses. They share their happiness and sorrows. Children are very happy during this festival. The weather is also good in this festival because it lies in autumn season which is neither hot nor cold. Because of these reasons Dashain is the festival I like most.

20. Discipline       
Discipline is a good manner of a person. It is the most important virtue of human being. Human beings are different from others because of discipline. The progress of the nation is based on the action of disciplined citizens. Wherever and whenever we go and live we have to follow certain rules and regulations. The rules and regulation of one place is different from the rules and regulation of another. The act of doing and following rules and regulations according to those places is known as discipline.
Discipline is learnt from childhood. Home is the first school of a child. The child learns discipline from his or her parents at home at first. Then, he/she learns discipline from teachers because the child starts going to school when he/she is six years old. Discipline is important for the person of every stage of life. Disciplined person can be happy and his/her life will be prosperous. Disciplined person will have civilized life also.
Discipline is important in almost every field. Without discipline, human being can be like an animal. Discipline is important for students, policemen, soldiers, players etc. The best example of discipline is seen in military force. They show their disciplined manner. They obey and respect the seniors honestly so they are said to be disciplined.
In conclusion discipline is necessary in every step of our life. We have to show our disciplined manner in doing different activities like talking, eating, driving, addressing, greeting and so on. Without discipline people can’t achieve progress. Discipline is the root of success. Therefore I suggest all to be disciplined.

Vocabulary to tackle Vacancy Announcement
Similar in meaning
academic:                     of education of university, educational
additional:                    extra, further
advertisement:              announcement/ public notice
allowance:                   payment
benefit:                         asset/ profit/ advantage
bio-data:                      curriculum Vitae/ CV/ resume/ personal 
                                    detail/ a brief account of somebody’s career
candidate:                    applicant/ individual/ person
capable:                       competent/ skilled/ able
career:                          occupation
constraint:                    restriction/ limitation/ restraint
deadline:                      last date/ last point of time
dedicated:                    devoted/ committed/ loyal
deputy:                        assistant
desired:                        required/ necessary/ suitable/ preferred
detailed:                       full/ complete
dynamic:                      active and changing
eligible:                        suitable/ appropriate/ qualified
energetic:                     dynamic, active, full of energy
entail:                           involve
enthusiastic:                 eager/ keen/ showing interest about sb/sth
established:                  set up
entire:                          whole/ complete/ full
experience:                  involvement/ practical acquaintances
institute:                       organization
invite:                          call for
look for:                       seek/ search/ try to find
must:                            n. compulsory
negotiable:                   open to discussion
occupation:                  job/ profession
personnel:                    staff 
petition:                       application
post:                             position/ designation
preference:                   priority/ first choice
qualification:                essential quality
qualified:                     eligible
recent:                          latest
reference:                     recommendation/
reputed:                       prestigious/ well-known/ renown
responsibility:              duty
salary:                          perk/ remuneration/ monthly payment/ emolument
self-motivated:             self-directed
testimonials:                 certificates/ documents
vacancy:                      vacant position/ place to be fulfilled
wanted:                        needed/ demanded/ required

Opposite in meaning
           Ability-            inability/ unskilled/ incapable
           Academic-       illiterate
Amateur:          professional
          Announces-      hold/ refrain/ keep silent/ hide
          Attached-         separation/ aversion
           Attested-          unproved/ raw
           Before-            after    
Benefit:            loss
Brief-               detailed   
Career-             inactivity/ idleness
Challenging-    easy/ comfortable
Common-         strange
Competent:      incapable, unskilled
Deadline:         starting, beginning, opening time
Detailed:          brief
          Discarded-        registered
          Dislike-            like
          Easy-               difficult
E        Earlier-             later
Encouraged:     discouraged
Entire:              partial
Excellent:         worse, very bad
Experienced:    inexperienced
Familiar-           strange
          Finally -           initially  
Fluent:             hesitant
Forget-              remember
Global:             local
Higher:             lower
Hopeless-        enthusiastic
Invite:              expel, refuse
Last-                first     
Least:               most
          Loss-                benefit profit     
          Long ago-         recent
Lost-                found
Maximum -      minimum 
          Minor               major  
Minority-         majority

Now-               then
Occupied:        Vacant
Outstanding:     worse
Old-                 recent

Optimistic-       pessimistic

Pain-                relief
          Pleasure-          trouble
Praise-              blame
Preceding-        following
          Prestigious-      unknown
Public:             private
          Rare-                common                  
R        Receive-           send 
           Refused-          accepted
          Rejected-          selected     
Reputed-          unknown
Same-               different
          Secure-            vulnerable/insecure
Send:               receive
          Senior-             junior
Taken:             given
Troublesome-   pleasant/delighted
          Unappreciative-  appreciative   
Unfamiliar-      acquainted
Unison-            division
Urban              rural

Useless-           useful/valued

           Uselessness-     perusal
           Vacant-            full/ occupied
           Weakness-       strength
 Worry-             glad

Some Questions for Vacancy Announcement
1.  Whom to apply?
2.  When to apply?
3.  Where to apply?
4.  Who can apply for the post?
5.  Who has advertised the post?
6.  What is the required academic qualification for the candidates?
7.  What are the requirements of a candidate?
8.  What is the advertised post?                   
9. What are the things that candidates should submit along with their application?
10.   What does ICA stand for?
11.   What is the deadline of the application?
12.   What is the duty/ responsibility of the employee?
13.   What is this advertisement for?
14.   What future perspectives are there?
15.   What type of person is required for the post?
16.   What kind of language qualification is required?
17.   What will be the remuneration for the post?
18.   What's the age bar/ limit for the candidacy?
19.   When was the advertisement published?
20.   When will be the interview?
21.   When was the organization established?
22.   Where should a candidate apply?
23.   Where is the company located?
24.   Where will be the interview?
25.   How is the candidate selected?
26.   How should a candidate apply?
27.   How much salary is offered for the post?
28.   How old is the company?
29.   How can you send your application?
30.   Why do you think the candidate’s phone number is must?
Some useful moral lessons for stories
1.       As you sow so you reap
2.       Reality can not be concealed.
3.       Foolishness brings trouble.
4.       Don’t play mischief upon anybody.
5.       Slow and steady wins the race.
6.       A friend in need is a friend indeed.
7.       Don’t be proudy.
8.       A wise enemy is better than foolish friend.
9.       Dont count the chickens before they are hatched.
10.    If you help someone you will be helped.
11.    Unity is strength.
12.    Where there is will there is a way.
13.    Tit for tat.
14.    Look before you leap.
15.    Cut your coat according to your cloth.
16.    Mental strengh is more powerful than physical strength.
17.    Honesty is the best policy.
18.    Necessity is the mother of invention.
19.    Always act wisely.
20.    Failure is the pillar of success.
21.    Beware of friends who run away in danger.
22.    Every cloud has silver lining.
23.    One hates what he can not get.
24.    Greed causes suffering.
25.    The fruit of the toil is sweet.

(Supportive material for the students of See)
Academic Year 2076
               Dev Prasad Pandit
With Best of Luck!
I have taken support from some of the materials of different authors. I am thankful to them.
The credit goes to Mr. Batuk Lal Tamang (Chair of NELTA, Chitwan branch)

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