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Guided Writing (Giving Direction)

Guided Writing I

Ø  Generally in question no 5.

Ø  Word limit for this writing will be 75-100

Ø  Ask one question from one of the following areas with clear instruction



            Obligation & Prohibition








1. Direction

To give direction we can use the phrases like

    Turn right/left

    Go straight up/ down

    At the T-junction

    Take the .... turning, in the roundabout

    Go along the... 

    Keep going on..

    Cross the ......

1. How do you reach your school from your house? Write the directions.


        As I leave my house, I turn left and keep going for a while. I go past a temple on the left. At the T- junction, I turn right. I keep going straight for another one kilometer. On the way, I will reach another crossroad. I cross it and go straight ahead for some minutes. I will reach a T-junction. I turn left and go straight ahead. Then, I will reach a bridge. I pass the bridge. I will reach another T-junction. I turn right. There are some shops on my right. I go round the wall. I will reach a big gate on my left. This is my school gate. I enter my school through that gate.


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