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Exercise of Agreement


Practise yourself.

Questions from previous SLC/SEE exams.

Choose the best answer from the bracket:

1. Ten kilos of rice ----bought yesterday. (is, were, was)

2. He does not ---- hard. (studies, study, has studied)   

3. Fifty kilos of rice ---- enough for our family. (is, has, are)    

4. Today's news ---- interesting. (is, has, are)               

5. Each of the boys ----here on time yesterday. (is, was, are, were)     

6. The cost of these articles -- risen at present. (has, have, had, had had)      

7. Look, the deer --- (is, are, were) grazing.                 

8. Neither Mohan nor they -- (has, have, had) understood my question till now.     

9. He could ---- (grew, grow, grows) a lot of grain.      

10. Renu and Binu ---- (is, am, are, be) the best teachers of our school.         

11. Gita! Clean the room ---. (herself, yourself, ourselves, themselves)

12. Slow and steady ----- (win, wins, will win, won) the race.    

13. A number of fools --- (is, am, are, have) present here.

14. A group of boys ---- taking lunch now. (is, are, were)

15. Neither the man nor friends ---injured in the accident last week. (was, were, had)

16. The cost of apples ……… risen at present. (has, have, had)

17. Each of the girls ……… here on time yesterday. (was, is, were)

18. A herd of Kangaroos ……… jumping. (is, are, will)

19. Neither Hari nor Krishna ..… home now. (is going, will be going, went)

20. Ten kilos of rice ……… bought yesterday. (was/were/is)

21. Either Ram or Mohan ……… taken my purse. (has/have/had)

22. Ravi as well as his friends ……… (is/are/has) present today.

23. Twenty dollars …… (has/is/are) too much to pay for an ordinary shirt.

24. Neither of the two men …….very strong. (are, was, were)

25. The wages of the sin ……..death. (is, was, are)

26. Every book and note-book ……… been torn by the little child. (has, have, haves)

27. The actor and producer ……… making a new film. (is, was, are)

28. Two of the girls in our class……… very naughty. (are, is, am)

29. No news ……… good news. (are, is, am)

30. People in Nepal ……… simple and honest. (are, is, am)

31. Either Sarad or Sunita ……… taken my purse. (has, have, was)

32. We asked ----(they, their, them) what the time was.

33. The teacher did not ---- (give, gives, gave, has given) us any homework yesterday.

34. All must do ---- (his, your, my, their) duty.

35. Neither the farmer nor the shopkeeper ---- (is, am, are, were) dissatisfied due to the price increase.

36.  Sheep ----(is, are, were, have) grazing in the field now.

37.  All his cattle ----in the shade near his house. (are, is, have)

38.  One of my friends --- been working with me these days. (have, has, had)

39.  ----whom god loves dies young. (He, You, They)

40.  None of them ---- honest. (is, are, be)

41.  Did ---- answer the question? (someone, anyone, no one)

42.  Anybody ---- essay in English . (write, writes, writing)

43.  She ---- a mistake to the diagram. (got, did, made)

44.  What has ---- made for breakfast? (I, they, Rita)

45. One of my friends --- been working with me these days. (have, has, had)


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