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Grammar 11 (Unit-8 Present Simple and Present Continuous)

 Present Simple and Present Continuous   

Unit-8: Humour and Satire (Page 75)

Present simple or present continuous/progressive

A. Study the following examples of present simple and present continuous.

Present simple                                  Present continuous

a. Water boils at100º Celsius.             a. The water is boiling. Can you turn it off?

b. Jenisha lives in Jumla.                    b. Jenisha is living in Tokyo for a few


c. I drink coffee every morning.          c. I am drinking too much coffee these days

   because I’m so busy at work.

d. He always tells lies.                        d. You are always telling lies.

e. My plane leaves at six this evening. e. I'm leaving for Pokhara tomorrow.

f. I know her very well.                       f. I am reading a novel by Paulo Coelho.

g. At the end of the story, the prota-    g. In this photo, my mother is wearing a gonist catches the killer.                   blue sari.


B. Put the verb into the correct form, present simple or present continuous.

a. Nisha …… (speak) English very well.

b. Hurry up! We …… (wait) for you.

c. Excuse me! …… (you/speak) English?

d. She …… (have) a shower in bathroom.

e. How often …… (you/read) a newspaper?

f. I'm sorry, I …… (not/understand). Can you speak more slowly?

g. You can turn off the radio. I …… (not/listen) to it.

h. I usually …… (get up) at 5 o'clock every morning.

i. Look! The river …… (flow) very fast.

j. Amrita …… (not/seem) very happy at the moment.

Answer: a. speaks           b. are waiting        c. Do …speak        d. is having

              e. do…     f. do……understand        g. am not listening

              h. get up            i. is flowing                    j. doesn’t seem

C. Are the underlined verbs in the correct form? Correct them where


a.   Water boils at 100° C.

Answer: correct

b.  The water boils. Can you turn it off?

Answer: (incorrect) The water is boiling. Can you turn it off?

c.   I must go now. It gets late.

Answer: correct

d.  This sauce's tasting really good.

Answer: (incorrect) The sauce tastes really good

e.   I’m thinking this is your key.

Answer: (incorrect) I think this is your key.

f.    Are you believing in God?

Answer: (incorrect) Do you believe in god.

g.  I usually go to school on foot.

Answer: correct

h.  Look! That man tries to open the door of her car.

Answer: (incorrect) Look! That man tries to open the door of her.

i.    The moon is going round the earth.

Answer: (incorrect) The moon goes round the earth.

j.    I'm getting hungry. Let's go and eat.

Answer: correct


(For detail go to grammar rules section of this blog.)

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  1. C. h. Look! That man is trying to open the door of her car.