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Grammar of Class 11 (Unit 15 - Sentence Functions)

                                                                             Sentence functions

Unit-15: War and Peace (Page 142)

Sentence functions

A. Do you know the parts of a sentence? If not, look at this sentence.

The fat man painted the door green last week.

In this sentence, the fat man → Subject (S)

painted → Verb (V)

the door → Object (O)

green → Complement (C)

last week → Adverbial (A)

B. Divide the following sentences into different parts.

Example: The man will buy a pen next week.

The man – will buy – a pen – next week.

Subject + Verb + Object + Adverbial


a.      The children are playing now.

Ans:        The children:         Subject

               are playing:          verb

               now:                     adverbial

b.     Srijana will be reading a story.

Ans:        Srijana:                 Subject

              will be reading:     are playing

               a story:                 object

c.      Bimala is a very beautiful girl.

Ans:        Bimala:                 Subject

              is:                         verb

a very beautiful girl: complement

d.     She usually wears glasses.

Ans:        She:             Subject

              usually:       adverbial

               wears:         verb

              glasses:       object

e.      They elected him President.

Ans:        They:           Subject

              elected:        verb

               him:            object

              President:    complement

f.       Rabin is laughing.

Ans:        Rabin:         Subject

              is laughing: verb


g.     He has a big house in Butwal.

Ans:       He:              Subject

              has:             verb

               a big house: object

              in Butwal:    adverbial

h.     The man who lives next door is a professor.

Ans:        The man:     Subject

              who lives next door:        complement

               is:                verb

              a professor: object

i.       Her uncle has been living in Kathmandu for fifteen years.

Ans:       Her uncle:             Subject

              has been living:     verb

               in Kathmandu:      adverbial

              for fifteen years:    adverbial

j.       The girl with long hair asked me a question last week.

Ans:        The girl with a long hair:          Subject

              asked:         verb

               me:              indirect object

              a question:  direct object

              last week:    adverbial

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