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Grammar of Grade 11 (Unit 13-Present Perfect & Past Simple)

  Present perfect and past simple

Unit-13: Career and Entrepreneurship (Page 134)

Present perfect and past simple

A. Notice the use of present perfect and past simple in the following text.

I think I have had a very interesting life. I'm 73 now and I don't work anymore. I was in the army for 31 years. I retired when I was 52. I have been to so many countries that I can't remember all of them. I've been to Australia six or seven times and to

South Africa three times. I have also been once to Russia but I didn't like it at all:

much too cold for me!

I've never been on television, but I've been on the radio once. It was a programme

about life in the military about twenty years ago. I've met a lot of famous people:

members of the royal family, famous politicians and also famous cinema and

television personalities. I've never met the American President though which is a pity.

Because I've travelled a lot, I've seen a lot of wonderful things and have also eaten and

drunk some strange foods and drinks. I ate cat and rat in India and drank something

called Mirto on a little island in Italy many years ago.

B. Look at the list of words about the use of present perfect tense.

Recent events:  just, recently, yet, already

How long (stative verbs): since, for

Unfinished time word: this month, this week, this morning, today

Life experiences and achievements: ever, never

Present result

C. We use the past simple for past events or actions which have no

connection to the present and the present perfect to talk about

completed actions which have impacts to the present.

I lost my keys yesterday.

I’ve lost my key. I can’t find it anywhere.

D. We use both 'been (to)' and 'gone (to)' as the past participle of 'go', but

with different meanings.

I’ve been to Muktinath.

Prem is on holiday. He has gone to Ilam.

Sarika is back home now. She has been to Jumla.

E. Use the correct tense of the verbs in brackets.

a. I don't know where Muna is. …… (you/see) her?

Ans: Have you ever seen her?

b. Janak …… (not/be) very well last week.

Ans: wasnt

c, Last night I …… (lose) my keys. So, I stayed in my friend’s home.

Ans: lost

d. I …… (lose) my keys. Can you help me look for them?

Ans: have lost

e. I …… (know) Jamuna for three years. We still meet once a month.

Ans: have known

f. She …… (live) in Sikkim when she was a child.

Ans: lived

g. A: What’s wrong?

Ans: have broken

B: I …… (break) a glass.

Ans: have broken

h. A: When …… (you/arrive)?

     B: At 10 pm last night.

Ans:  did you arrive

i.      How long …… (you/know) Sarmila for?

Ans: have you known

j.   This is the first time I …… (drive) a car.

Ans: have driven

F. Use been or gone.

a. I’ve never …… to Japan.

Ans: been

b.  Kalpana has …… to Korea. She may come back next year.

Ans: gone

c. A: Where’s Rachana?

B: She has …… to the shops.

Ans: gone

d.    Harina was here earlier but I think she has …… now.

Ans: gone

e.  Have you ever …… to London?

Ans: been

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