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Unit 2 (Grade 6)

Unit 2

Reading I (Three Simple Rules) Page -12

a.     a. Where is the man?

Ans: The man is in the garden.

b.    b. What is he holding in his hand?

Ans: He is holding a bird.

c.      c. What is his name?

Ans: His name is Chulong.

A.    Notice the use of following words in the story and make sensible sentences of your own.

riches, feathers, amount, dream, believe, follow

Answer:      a. Geedy people want more riches.

                   b. Birds have feathers.

                   c. Mohan has a large amount of money.

                   d. I had a sweet dream yesterday night.

                   e.  Hindus believe on god.

                   f. We should follow the rules and regulations of our school.


B. Read the text again and write True or False.

a. Chulong was satisfied with his riches.  False

b. He bought a bird to keep at home. False

c. His greed set the bird free. True

d. The bird cheated Chulong. True

e. The bird changed its colour twice. True


C. Answer the following questions.

a. What was the main aim of Chulong?

b. Why could Chulong not make money from the bird?

c. What were the three simple rules the bird told Chulong?

d. What type of person is Chulong?

e. What lesson did you learn from the story?


a.     a. His main aim is to make more money.

b.    b. Chulong couldn’t make money from the bird because he couldn’t sell the bird.

c.      c. The three simple rules the bird told Chulong were:

                               i.            Never believe everything others say,

                             ii.            Never be sad about something you do not have and

                          iii.            Never throw away what you have in your hand.

d.     d. Chulong is a greedy and money-oriented person.

e.      e. From the story we learnt the lesson 'Don’t be too greedy and silly'.

D.    Imagine that you were Chulong. What would you do when the colourful bird turned into a black crow? Write in a few lines.


First of all, if I were Chulong, I wouldn’t catch the bird from the garden like him. I would become very unhappy and excuse with the bird for the happening. I would let the bird fly in the sky like before.


Grammar (page 17)

A. Read the following pairs of sentences.

She is an honest girl.         Is she an honest girl?

They are playing now.       Are they playing now?

She dances well.                Does she dance well?

The second sentence in each pair is a Yes/No question.

B. Match the statements in column A with their questions in column B.

Column A                        Column B

a. He loves this town.        i. Do they like soccer?

b. They like soccer.           ii. Can she drive a lorry?

c. She can drive a lorry.     iii. Does he love this town?

d. They are nice.                iv. Does she wake up early?

e. She wakes up early.       v. Are they nice?


a. He loves this town.        i. Does he love this town?

b. They like soccer.           ii. Do they like soccer?

c. She can drive a lorry.     iii. Can she drive a lorry?

d. They are nice.                iv. Are they nice?

e. She wakes up early.       v. Does she wake up early?


C. Now, change the following statements into Yes/No questions.

a. Sarita is a helpful girl.

b. You are coming to school.

c. They are happy.

d. The students are looking smart in their school uniforms.

e. I may come inside.

f. It is all right.

g. He eats an apple everyday.

h. She gave me a book yesterday.

i. They have a car.


a. Is Sarita a helpful girl?

b. Are you coming to school?

c. Are they happy?

d. Are the students looking smart in their school uniforms?

e. May I come inside?

f. Is it all right?

g. Does he eat an apple everyday?

h. Did she give me a book yesterday?

i. Do they have a car?

Reading II (Where Go the Boats) Page 18

a. What do you see in the picture?

b. Where is it?

c. Have you ever travelled in a boat?

A. Find the rhyming words from the poem for these words.

band, drill, fever, dome, bore

Answer:      band- sand/hand

            drill- mill/hill

            fever- river/ever

            dome- foam/home

            bore- more/ashore


B. Find the words from the poem which have the following meanings.

a. a large old-fashioned building = castle

b. a lightweight form of rubber or plastic or wood used for travelling on water=boat

c. a low area of land between hills or mountains = valley

C. Answer the following questions.

a. What is the colour of the river and the sand?

b. Where are the trees?

c. Where is the boat floating?

d. Who shall bring the boat to shore?


a. The colour of the river is dark brown.

b. The trees are on the both sides (hands) of the river.

c. The boat is floating along the river.

d. Other little children shall bring the boat to shore.

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