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Tips for Writing Job Application

 Job Application

Job application is written piece of composition. It is a way of applying for job. It is the first step to enter for a job. Job applications are generally written to the head of company, institution, organization etc. Job applications are usually short and tight where your main attributes are stated. Sometimes, the content of the letter varies from one level to another.

Parts of job application:

Generally, there are mainly eight parts in job application. They are:

1.     Applicant's address

2.     Date (below the address)

3.     Inside address

4.     Subject

5.     Salutation (Dear sir)

6.     The Body,

a.      First Paragraph

b.     Middle Paragraphs

c.      Final paragraph

7.     Complimentary closing

8.     Applicant's name and Signature

Applicant's address

At the beginning you should write the address of the sender on the top corner of right-hand side. In higher grades, it may be given in the question too.


Under sender's address, you have to write the date. For the students of higher grades students, the date may be given in the question.

Inside address (Receiver's address)

In this section you can begin like "To, The General Manager/ The Head Teacher/ The Co-Ordinator etc." Then you can write the name of company/institution/office etc. and its address.

Subject of the letter

In this section you can state the subject. You can write the subject like "Application for the post of Secondary level English Teacher". You can easily get subject from the question too



After writing inside address and the subject, you have to write salutation like "Dear Sir/ Madam" or "Respected Sir/ Madam" etc.


This is the main part of job application. It may be written in three parts. In the first paragraph, you can mention the job you are applying for and from where you came to know about it. In the second/ middle paragraph, you can state your qualifications, attributes, experiences etc. You can also mention why you are appropriate for this specific company/institution. In the final paragraph you can discuss about the next step, mention the specific follow up etc. Don’t forget to thank them for providing their time to you.

Complementary Closing:

In complimentary close you can write the words such as "Yours sincerely, Best Regards, Yours etc. which conventionally appear before the applicant''s signature or name at the end of a letter, email, or similar text. Also called a complimentary closing, close, valediction, or signoff.

Applicant's name and signature

Generally, we write the name of the sender/ applicant here. It is written under complementary closing. Then we write the signature. Under signature the designation of the sender is also written under it.

CV/ Bio-data/ Resume

If you are the student of higher grade, you may be asked to write CV also after application. In CV you can state the applicant's details.


1.     Suppose you are Mina Wanta from Dadeldhura. Read the given advertisement and write an application for the post:

Yeti Parcel Service

3/60 Mahendrapool, Pokhara

Wanted Immediately

YPS, a leading parcel service in the region, is looking for an Office Secretary.

-            B. Com. or equivalent

-            Strong computer skills

-            Excellent written & spoken English

-            25 – 35 years

-            Nepali citizen, preferably a woman

Application along with PP sized photograph, photocopies of certificates and a complete bio-data should reach the above address not later than August 25, 2021.



August 20, 2021


The Manager

Yeti Parcel Service

3/60 Mahendrapool, Pokhara

            Subject: Application for the post of Office Secretary.

Dear Sir,

With reference to your advertisement which was published in 'The Kathmandu Post' on August 15, 2021 for the post of 'Office Secretary' I wish to apply for the same.


I am a young Nepali lady of 27 years old. I have sound health and pleasing personality. I passed the SLC exam from Amar Gadhi Higher Secondary School Dadeldhura in 2011. Then I joined +2 and completed after two years. Then I joined Amar Singh Smriti Campus Dadeldhura from where I passed B. Com. in second division. I have completed the diploma course in MS Office package from Oxford Computer Institute, Dadeldhura Bazaar. I have good command over written and spoken English.


I have included my detailed C.V., photocopies of certificates and a recent PP sized photo herewith this application.

If I were able to win your esteemed consideration, I would try my best to satisfy you. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you!

Yours faithfully

 Mina Wanta


Name: Mina Wanta

Address: Dadeldhura Bazaar-7, Dadeldhura

Telephone number: 062-455324

Mobile number: 9846134562


Nationality: Nepali      

Date of birth: February 8, 1994

Marital status: Married

Father’s Name: Bhimsen Wanta           


Academic Qualification:

1.  SLC in the first division from Amar Gadhi Higher Secondary School, Dadeldhura in 2011

2. +2 in the first division from Amar Gadhi Higher Sec. School, Dadeldhura in 2013           

3. B.Com. in the first second from Amarsing Smriti Campus Dadeldhura in 2017


3 years' experience as an office secretary in Yak Parcel Service, Kathmandu


1.     Mr. Janak Raj Thapa

The Head Teacher, Amar Gadhi Higher Secondary School, Dadeldhura

Cell No.: 9848567832

2.     Dr. Mohan Raj Sharma,

The Campus Chief,

Amar Singh Smriti Campus, Dadeldhura

Phone : 085527924

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