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Corona Says (Poem) Summary Grade 11

                                        CORONA SAYS

About the author

Vishnu S Rai (1951-) was educated in India, Nepal, and the UK. He taught English at Tribhuvan University for three decades and retired as Professor of English Language Education. Rai writes both in English and Nepali. He has written stories Martyrs & Other Stories (English), play Realities (English), travelogues Nau Dandapari (Nepali), and a novel Paheli (Nepali). But above all he is a poet and he has published Sudama (a semi epic in Nepali), Jeevan (a collection of poems in Nepali), Vagabond Verses (a collection of poems in English), and Tritiyaki joon (a collection of songs and gazals in Nepali, and his English poems are taught in Nepal and abroad. Rai is known as a poet of human emotions.

The poem, Corona Says, written on the theme of the present world crisis Corona and its devastating impact on human life, is a subtle satire on man's conduct and attitude. It views Covid 19 as the byproduct of man's treatment to nature.

Summary of the Poem:

The poem “Corona Says” is a poem written by Vishnu S. Rai. It is on the theme of the pandemic covid-19 which is caused by corona virus and its devastating impact. It is one of the most burning crises of the present world. From the title of the poem it is clear that Corona is saying something to humans. Now a days, corona is quite common among the people of the earth. All are quite familiar with it. This pandemic has taken the lives of many people of the world.

The speaker of the poem is corona. It asks the listeners, human beings not to cry and curse for its damage because the listeners are polluting the earth. Because of their irrational behaviours, corona is compelled to come to the earth. In fact, it has been invited. Corona, (like other pandemics), is the result of human behavior and activities that are not responsible for nature. It claims that their activities have invited it. Because of their invitation corona has no choice except letting people suffer and die. The speaker also claims that the number of deaths is caused by wars is higher than the death caused by corona virus.

In this poem human superiority over other creatures in the earth is criticized sharply. The pandemic questions us that other inferior creatures have much freedom than us. We are taking us as the most intelligent one but we are becoming victim due to the pandemic. Our so called superiority is useless. We think ourselves as the king of the earth. We can easily sell or kill the living organisms flying in the sky, living in the ocean and crawling on land, which are now free and not affected by the pandemic but we are in great trouble.

In the poem, some positive impacts of the disease are mentioned. Because of the pandemic the blue sky is clean and clear without dust and smoke because human beings are in the situation like the animals in a cage. They can’t do any activity outside their homes. They have the feeling like caged animals. The earth has got very good chance to take rest.

The speaker threatens us that other creatures like it will come to the earth if we don’t change or stop our inflated (air-filled) ego. In that situation we have to stay or remain in the cave which happened many years ago.

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