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Model Question 1 (Class 10)


Half Yearly Examination -2078

Subject: English                                          Time:2.15 hrs.                                 FM:75

Class: 10                                                                                                                   PM:30

1. Read the excerpt of the poem and do the activities that follow. [5]

Did I Miss Anything?


When we realized you weren't here

We sat with our hands folded on our desks

In silence, for the full two hours.



I gave an exam worth

40 percent of the grade for this term

And assigned some reading due today

On which I'm about to hand over a quiz

Worth 50 percent.



None of the content of this course

Has value or meaning

Take as many days off as you like;

Any activities we undertake as a class

I assure you will not matter either to you or me

And are without purpose.

-Tom Wayman.

A. Write True for the true and False for the false statements. [3x1=3]

a. Classroom teaching provides students with knowledge helpful for the exam.

b. The course students study is insignificant and useless.

c. Any material missed in the classroom is important regardless of how long you missed out for.

B. Answer the following questions. (2x1=2)

a. Who composed this poem?

b. What does the speaker in the third stanza think about the course?


2. Read the following text and do the tasks that follow. [10]

A Letter to Kunsang

April 7, 2017

Dear Kunsang,

Thank you very much for your letter which I received this morning. Surely, it makes an old aunt very happy to know that her nephew is willing to find a job in the biggest metropolitan city of Nepal. To my surprise, you are thinking of leaving high school and home too. You must not do it.


Kun, I know that you are one of the brightest and the most intelligent members of our family. Honestly, your parents have brought you up to think for yourself. They have never compromised for your study and needs. I really must say something what you are thinking of doing could make you and everyone else in the family very unhappy. You must think of them and their unconditional love.


I think schooling is not boring and monotonous. You may find metropolitan city appealing and attractive. You might be seeing the grass greener on the other side of the fence. But remember you are not living a useless life there. People dream to live your life. Dear Kun, everyone needs to be ambitious but over ambition may ruin your life. I agree with you, but obviously, if you want to do anything with the rest of your life, you should not ignore your parents support and education. Without their help you can neither live a peaceful life nor get a better job. Don't you think you are making this decision in a hurry? Undoubtedly, you must think before it's too late. If I were you, I would complete my studies first.


Have you ever thought about your parents? Of course, they won't be happy hearing this, at least from you. What about giving a second thought to your day dream? How long do you think you can enjoy the sophisticated city life? Teenagers like you might not have as blissful life as you are thinking now. You and me really should have a serious talk together. You are supposed to come and see me before you finally decide. If anything appalling ever happens to you, I may not forgive myself.

With much love,




A. Match the words with their synonyms. [5x1=5]

Words                        Synonyms  

a. Advanced              i. appealing

b. Absolutely             ii. appalling

c. Delighted               iii. undoubtedly

d. Horrible                 iv. blissful

e. Enchanting            v. sophisticated

B. Answer the following questions.

a. Who is the receiver of the letter?

b. When was the letter written?

c. Where did Kunsang want to go? Why?

d. How was Kunsang brought up?

e. What does Manisha suggest her nephew?

3. Read the following text and do the activities that follow: [10]


Senior Banker

Nepal's leading private commercial bank in joint venture with India's public sector bank Punjab National Bank invites applications from suitably experienced barking professionals from SAARC countries for the above position.

Candidates should ideally be in their forties or early fifties with a minimum experience of 15 years in a reputed bank in the SAARC region.

Remuneration: comparable to the best in the candidate's current SAARC location.

Fully furnished accommodation, a chauffeured car and optimum leave benefits are assured. Initial contract- 3 years (renewable)

Please apply within 7 days to:

The chairperson, Everest Bank, Ltd.

EBL, House, Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal,


A. Read and answer the following questions. [5x1=5]

a. Which two banks are working together?

b. What's the age limit for the candidacy?

c. What's the required experience?

d. What will be the salary for the post?

e. Besides salary, what other perks will the candidate enjoy?


B. Fill in the gaps with the words/phrases from the above advertisement. (5x1=5)

The advertisement is for the post of .............. Interested candidates will have to apply within. The contract is............ after the completion of three years. Application should be written to............. Everest Bank Limited. Professionals from ………countries only can apply for the post.


4. Read the following passage and answer the questions. [15]

Last year three friends of mine decided to spend a holiday in the mountains. They set off by car in the morning and by the late afternoon they had almost reached the village where they were going to stay. After a quick cup of tea at a way side cafe, they set off again along the winding road that led to the mountains. They had a map with them and according to this the tillage they were going to stay in was only about fifteen miles.

It got dark not long after this, and it began to rain too, which of course made it more difficult to see the road clearly. After they had driven for about fifteen miles, there was still no sign of the village. Obviously, the map they had was not a very good one.

They went for another five miles and then the car suddenly stopped. At first one of my friends thought that they had run out of petrol but on examination they found that this was not the trouble. Something else was wrong with the car. Since they could not start the car again, they decided to spend the night in the car, though they had very little food with them and there was not much room for three people. Early in the morning, a car came along the road. They stopped the driver and asked him where the village was. He told them that it was just on the other side of the hill. They tied their car to his and pulled them to the top of the hill. After that their car ran all the way downhill to the village, where they found a hotel and had a good breakfast. Of course, if they had walked up the hill the night before, they would not have had to spend an uncomfortable night in the car.


A. Match the following words in column A with their meaning column B. [5x1=5]  

A                                 B

a. cafe             i. worry/pain

b. trouble       ii. inspection

c. examination iii. space

d. clearly        iv. small restaurant serving cheap meals and drinks

e. room           v. vividly

B. Answer the following questions.

a. Where were they going to spend a holiday?

b. Why was it difficult to see the road?

c. What did they ask the driver of the passing car?

d. What did the driver tell them?

e. What was the first thing they did when they reached the village?

C. Rewrite the following sentences indicating "True' for true and 'False' for false statements. [5x1=5]

a. They drove all day without stopping until the car broke down.

b. The road had many bends.

c. It started to rain in the afternoon.

d. They had the map with them.

e. The car stopped because they had run out of petrol.

5. Write a short paragraph about your recent travel experience not exceeding 100 words. [5]

Destination ……people with you …… things you observed …..things you most liked etc.


6. Prepare a wedding invitation card using the following clues. [5]

Bride: Sona Chaudhari

Parents: Mr. P.P. Chaudhari and Mrs. L. Chaudhari

Bridegroom: Kesar Gachchhyadhar

Parents: Mr. R.N. Gachchhyadhar and Mrs. C. Gachchhyadhar

Date: February 15, 2018

Hotel: Hotel HANS Chauraha, Butwal, 9700000000


7. Compose a dialogue between two friends about planning a picnic. [6]  

8. Write an essay on the proper use and misuse of a cell phone. [8]

9. Rewrite the following sentences as indicated in brackets: 6

a. Come back early in the.............morning? (Supply the correct tag)

b. He studies hard. (Into negative)

c. She has been studying English for 10 years. (Into How long question)

d. Listen! Someone..........(cry). (Put the verb in the bracket in correct tense)

e. Kalpana said to him, "I never drink tea." (Into indirect speech)

f. No one could solve the problem. (Into passive voice)


10. Choose the correct word from the brackets to complete the text below. [5]

One day a man.........(drove, was driving, will be driving) at 80 kilometres per ..........(a, an, the, no article) hour when he ........... (passed, was passed, pass) by a 3-legged chicken. He accelerated and passed the chicken. Three minutes later the chicken passed him again as he was driving............. (on, at, by) 100 kph. The man tried to catch the chicken but it ran down a side road. The man followed it into a farmyard........... (and, but, because) couldn't find it anywhere. The man saw the woman and told her the story. The woman said that.......... (we like, they liked, we do like) chicken legs so they bred 3-legged chickens. "What do they taste like? It tastes like local chicken, ............? (isn't it, doesn't it, wasn't it)" asked the man. don't know", replied the woman, "We haven't caught one..........(catch, to catch, caught) if a superman...........(comes, came, had come) to help me." one yet. All of them ….. (run, runs, is running) so fast. I will get one …… (catch, to catch, caught) if a superman ……. (comes, came, had come) to help me.”

-The End-

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