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Unit 16 (Grade 6) Part II


UNIT 16 (Part II)

READING II (page 162)

a. What are the people in the picture doing?

b. Can you guess the name of the festival?


a. They are performing the dance together in a circle.

b. The name of the festival is Sakela Sili (Ubhauli).

A. What do the words in Column A refer to? Match them with the definitions in Column B.

Column A             Column B

a. Ubhauli             i. the main priest

b. Nakso               ii. a holy book

c. Silimangpa        iii. a festival of Kirant community

d. Silimangma       iv. a sacred place

e. Dhol                  v. the male leader

f. Mundhum          vi. the female leader

g. Sakela Than      vii. a musical instrument


a. Ubhauli             iii. a festival of Kirant community

b. Nakso               i. the main priest

c. Silimangpa        vi. the female leader

d. Silimangma       v. the male leader

e. Dhol                  vii. a musical instrument

f. Mundhum          ii. a holy book

g. Sakela Than      iv. a sacred place

B. Answer the following questions.

a. What time did Binda and Shital reach Tundikhel?

b. What is the name of the sacred place?

c. Which musical instruments are played during the dance?

d. Who controls the dance?


a. Binda and Shital reached Tundikhel at 9:30.

b. The name of the sacred place Sakela Than.

c. The musical instruments Dhol and Jhyamta are played during the dance.

d. The male leader known as Silimangpa and the female leader, Silimangma controlled the dance.

C. What do you think are the interesting features of Sakela Sili? Talk to your friends.


Sakela Sili is the festival of Kirant community. It is observed in the month of Mangsir. The interesting features of Sakela Sili is mentioned in the succeeding lines.The main priest, Nakso, performed a ritual in a sacred place called Sakela Than. After the completion of the Pooja, Nakso gives a signal to perform the dance. A large mass of people of different ages in traditional dresses perform the dance together in a circle. The male leader known as Silimangpa and the female leader, Silimangma control and guide the dance accompanied by the musical instruments, Dhol and Jhyamta. They dance beautifully imitating the steps of duck, river bird, black bird, deer and musk deer.

WRITING (page 164)

A. How did you celebrate your birthday last time? Try to recall and write a short paragraph on what happened on the day.


My special day in my life is my birthday. I celebrate my birthday every year with great joy and enthusiasm. I was born on Mangsir 25th. I celebrated my birthday with joy and enthusiasm last time. My birthday started with the wishes of my parents. My friends and relatives greeted me. Dad then brought me some chocolates and Choco funs to share with all the friends at school. I went to school with Choco funs and chocolates. All the friends in the class wished me a happy birthday. The class teacher also wished me a happy birthday. All the chocolates and Choco funs I brought with me were shared by my friends and classmates. Congratulations to everyone for thanking me.

B. Write a short story using the following outline. Suggest a suitable title too.

An old man ----------- three sons ----------- about to die ----------- calls his sons to give advice ----------- asks to bring sticks-----------gives them sticks ----------- asks the eldest son to break ----------- unable to break ----------- asks another son to break ----------- unable to break ----------- asks another son to break ----------- unable to break ----------- old man asks to work together and try once ----------- easily break it

Moral: Unity is strength.



An Old Man and his Quarrelsome Sons

Once upon a time there was a man. He was old and sick. He had three sons. They did not love one another. They quarreled each other. So, they were not at peace. This made the old man very hopeless.

One day the old man called his sons. He brought a bundle of sticks. He gave the bundle of sticks one by one to his sons. He also asked his sons to break the bundle one by one. Each of the sons tried to break the bundle, but they didn’t get success.

Then the old man asked his sons to break the bundle together. Now they broke the bundle of sticks very easily.

The old man said, “My boys, you have seen that you cannot break the sticks when you work separately. But you can break them when you work together. This is the strength of unity. If you are united, nobody will be able to do any harm. So, do not quarrel among yourselves and try to live in peace. Then you will all be happy.”

Moral: Unity is Strength.

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