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Unit 18 (Grade 6) Part II


UNIT 18 (Part II)

GRAMMAR (page 182)

A. Study the following sentences.

She lost her yellow pen. (which question)

Which pen did she lose?

They play volleyball. (what question)

What do they play?

Supriya lives in Janakpur. (where question)

Where does Supriya live?

B. Rearrange the words to make correct questions.

a. what doing are they?

b. you up in the morning do get when?

c. How you do name your spell?

d. for what is homework?

e. does Tim why handball like?

f. like what do sports the girls?

g. what friend have for lunch your did?

h. stay Kevin long in Paris did how?

i. the like what weather was?

j. maths easy is thinks who?


a. What are they doing?

b. When do you get up in the morning?

c. How do you spell your name?

d. What is for homework?

e. Why does Tim like handball?

f. What sports do the girls like?

g. What did your friend have for lunch?

h. How long did Kevin stay in Paris?

i. What was the weather like?

j. Who thinks maths is easy?


C. Make questions for the following statements as indicated in brackets.

a. Mr. Thapa lives in Sarlahi. (where)

b. My father went to the bank to get some money. (why)

c. She has brought a history book. (what)

d. Sheela works at Mangal Bazar, Patan. (who)

e. Subarna didn’t go to school yesterday because it was raining. (why)

f. Shakespeare was born in 1564. (when)

g. She likes pizza. (what)

h. My sister has won the gold medal. (what)

i. She used her brother’s mobile phone. (whose)


a. Where does Mr. Thapa live?

b. Why did your father go to the bank?

c. What has she brought?

d. Who works at Mangal Bazar, Patan?

e. Why didn’t go to school yesterday?

f. When was Shakespeare born?

g. What does she like?

h. What has your sister won?

i. Whose mobile phone did she use?



Writing (page 183)


A. Study the given bar graph and write a description of it.

13th South Asian Games: Nepal's Medal Tally 


This is a bar diagram. It shows Nepal’s Medal Tally of 13th South Asian Games. According to this bar diagram/ bar graph Nepal won 12 gold medals in Taekwondo. In the same way Nepal won ten gold medals in Karate and five gold medals in Wushu. Similarly, Nepal won four gold medals in Swimming. The gold medals Nepal won in boxing is as same as cycling. According to the bar graph we can say that Nepal won three gold medals is boxing and the same three in athletics. From the graph we come to know that Nepal won fifty-one gold medals in 13th South Asian Games. In Taekwondo Nepal won the highest number of gold medals and lowest number of gold medals in athletics and boxing.


B. Fill in the blanks with your own words and compose a poem.

My Good Friend

I have a friend ------- tall

Who is ------- all

S/he loves ------- me

I also ------- free

We ------- and read

S/he ------- in need

I feel ------- member

I cannot ------- remember

I am lucky ------- friend with me

I take ------- family.


My Good Friend

I have a friend who tall

Who is the best among all

S/he loves and cares me

I also care him when I am free

We together stay and read

S/he a real friend in need

I feel proud to be a member

I cannot stay without remember

I am lucky to have such friend with me

I take him to meet my family.


C. Compose a simple poem of your own interest.

 (Do yourself)


READING II (page 184)

a. Do you recognize the girl in the picture?

b. What is she famous for?


a. She is Gaurika Singh.

b. She is famous for swimming.

A. Answer the following questions.

a. When is the news written?

b. How many gold medals did Gaurika win?

c. What is the full form of SAG?

d. In which event did Gaurika win the fourth gold medal?

e. List the name of the events in which Gaurika won the gold medals.


a. The news is written on December 10.

b. She won four gold medals.

c. SAG stands for South Asian Games.

d. She won the fourth gold medal in swimming.

e. The name of the events in which Gaurika won the gold medals are women’s 100 metres race, 200 metres free style, 200 metres backstroke and 400 metres freestyle.

B. Work in groups and prepare a short news of any function organized at your school.


Mt. Everest Bagged Gold Medal in Football tournament


Khairahani, February 2, 2022 (Chitwan Post)


Football tournament was organized at Jana Jiwan Secondary School, Khairahani. Mt. Everest house won the gold medal in the match.


The school was organizing sports week for school anniversary. There were ten different sports. Among them football was also there. The final competition of football was conducted yesterday. The final match was between Mt. Everest and Mt. Makalu houses. Mt. Everest house scored 3 goals whereas Mt. Makalu got success to score only one goal. Arpan Thapa from Mt. Everest scored all the 3 goals in the final match. He was selected as the man of the match.


The house was awarded gold medal. The Chief guest was the education officer of the municipality. Arpan Thapa was awarded with the boot of man of the match. All the students were clapping and shouting during the prize distribution program with full of happiness and enjoyment.

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