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Essay ( Domestic animal I like most)

 Domestic animal I like most


Animals can be divided into two groups according to their living place. Some animals live in forest. They are known as wild animals. Other animals are kept near our houses. They are known as domestic animals. The animals can be divided into three groups according to the food they eat. Herbivorous animals eat only grass, carnivorous animals eat only meat and omnivorous animals eat both meat and grass. There are a number of pet animals in our society. I like all of them more or less. But the cow is a domestic animal I like most.


Cow is a four-footed animal. It has two horns, one tail and a big body. The cow uses its tail to chase small creatures like flies, mosquitoes etc. away. It uses its horns to fight with its enemies. Cows are different in colors. Various kinds of cows are found in our society. Cows from Holland and hybrid cows give much milk than local cows. Local cows are the most common in our villages. The cow is a gentle animal. It is our national animal also. It gives us milk that is nourishing food to all of us. Milk is a perfect food for babies and sick persons. It is milk from which butter, ghee, cheese, curd and many other kinds of sweets are made.


The cow’s dung is used as manure which fertilizes crops. Cow’s dung can be used to coat our houses also. Dry dung can be used as fuel.  The urine of the cow is also used as medicine in some diseases. The cow is useful to us even when she is dead. Many things such as shoes, glue, buttons, combs etc. are made of the cow’s skin, hoof, hair, horns and bones.


The cow is one of the most useful domestic animals. This good animal is worshipped as Laxmi Mata at Tihar. Because of these reasons I like this animal most.

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