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BLE 2078 (English) Khairahani, Chitwan


Subject: English     Time: 2:15 hrs.           FM: 75

Class: 8 PM: 30

Candidates are required to give their answer in their own words as far as practicable. 

1. Rewrite the following sentences selecting the correct options given in the brackets: [5x1=5] 

    a) Mr. Himal is ………… honourable person. (a/an/ the) 

    b) People were deprived ………… Regime. (with / by / of) education in the Rana 

    c) Nobody likes him ............. his rudeness. (because / because of / for) 

    d) Mary, wash the clothes ……………. (yourselves / yourself / herself)

    e) Everybody helps her, ...........? (don't they / do they / doesn't she) 

2. Change the following sentence as directed in the brackets: [3x1=3]

    a) Surya said to me, "Don't write on the wall." (into indirect speech) 

    b) Poachers killed many rhinos. (into passive) 

    c) She goes to school. (into present perfect) 

3. Fill in the blank with the correct words given below: [2x1=2] 

            is are buy buys 

    a) The teacher with his students ……………..coming here. 

    b) Children …………. sweets.

4. Read the following text and do the activities that follow: 

Ganesh Man Singh is publicly acclaimed as all acceptable leader of democracy. It is a sign of respect that all the Nepalese show towards him that they called him supreme leader. He was born to a well-to-do family on November 09, 1915 in Itumbahal, Kathmandu. He studied in Darbar High School till grade six. He was expelled from the school for not respecting his fellow students who were Ranas. He went to India to continue his studied. After completing his I.SC. from Vidyasagar College, he returned to Nepal. As soon as he returned to Nepal, he planned to protest against the autocratic rulers of Nepal. In 1940, he joined the Praja Parishad, the first political party in Nepal. 

Unfortunately, he was arrested on October 18, 1940. Though he was sentenced to life in prison for anti-Rana activities, he ultimately escaped from Bhadragol Jail in 1944. He spent many years struggling against the Partyless Panchayat system. Finally, he led the Nepalese democratic movement in 1990 which overthrew the Panchayat System. He was the first Asian to be honoured with the United Nation Human Rights Award which he received in 1993. 

A. Write 'T' for true and 'F' for false statements: [0.5x5=2.5] 

    a) Ganesh Man Singh was born in a poor family. 

    b) He did not respect his fellow students who were Ranas. 

    c) He completed his I.Sc. from Darbar High School. 

    d) His punishment was life time imprisonment. 

    e) The Panchayat system was overthrown by the movement. 

B] Match the words in column 'A' with their meanings in column 'B'. [0.5×5=2.5] 

'A' 'B'

a) acclaimed i) to make a strong objection 

b) protest ii) holding independent and arbitrary 

c) sentence iii) greatly praised or highly respected 

d) prison         iv) the judicial order for punishment 

e) autocratic v) jail 

C] Answer the following questions. [5x1=5] 

    a) What kind of leader was Ganesh Man Singh? 

    b) Where was Ganesh Man Singh born? 

    c) Why did Ganesh Man Singh go to India? 

    d) What did he plan upon his return to Nepal? 

    e) What was he honoured with in 1993? 

5. Read the following test and do the the activities that bellow: 

NASA reported that Armstrong commanded the APOLLO 11 Spacecraft that landed on the moon on July 20, 1969. His first words after setting foot on the moon are etched in history books and the memories of the people. "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind", Armstrong said. It is reported that Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin spent nearly three hours walking on the lunar space. They collected samples, conducted experiments and took photographs. "The sights were simply magnificent beyond any visual experience that I had ever been exposed to", Armstrong once said. Armstrong was a modest and simple person. He never allowed himself to be caught up in the celebrity and glamour. He said once, 'I am and ever will be an engineer. And I feel proud of my own profession." Armstrong was born on August 5, 1930, on a farm near Wapakoneta in the western Ohio, USA.

A] Write 'T' for true and 'F' for false statements.  [0.5x4=2]

a) Neil Armstrong proudly announced his visit to the moon.

b) He was not satisfied with his job. 

c) He walked on the moon when he was 39 years old. 

d) He is an American citizen. 

B] Fill in the blanks with the word/s or phrase/s given in the text above: [0.5x4=2]  

a) The APOLLO 11 landed on the moon on …………….

b) Armstrong said that one small step for a man was …….. for mankind. 

c) ................ and Buzz Aldrin spent nearly three hours on the lunar surface. 

d) Armstrong was........... and simple person. 

C] Answer the following questions by reading the text given above: [1.5x4=6] 

a) What did Armstrong and his friends do on the moon? 

b) When was Armstrong born? 

c) How long did Armstrong spend on the moon? 

d) What was Armstrong's profession? 

6. Read the following text and do the activities that follow: 

Fifty years ago, people ate ice-cream in summer. Now, it is eaten all the year around. It originated in the Orient, centuries before English Schoolboys first tasted it. Marco Polo saw people eating ice cream there and brought back the idea to Italy. From Italy the idea was carried to France. It became very popular in France with rich, and an effort was even made to keep the recipes a secret from the common people. But, of course, they soon learned about this delicious new food and ice cream became popular with everyone. Soon it spread all over the world. The first factory to manufacture ice cream was started in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1851. However, the real development of ice cream and the ice cream business didn't take place until after 1900 with the new developments in refrigeration. 

The basis of all ice cream is cream, milk or milk sodas, sugar, and sometime eggs, Vanilla, chocolate, berries, fruit ingredients, and nuts are added as flavours. A small amount of gelatin is used in order to retain the smoothness of the ice cream by preventing the formation of ice crystals. When you eat a third of a pint of Vanilla ice cream, you are getting about as much calcium, protein, and vitamin B as are in half a cup whole milk, and as much vitamin A and calories as are in one cup of milk. 

A] Choose the correct answer from the given alternatives: [0.5x4=2] 

    a) At present, ice cream is eaten ……. (only in summer, only in festivals, throughout the year) 

    b) Marco Polo saw people eating ice cream in ………………. (France, the orient, Italy) 

    c) Ice cream became very popular in……….. (France, Italy, Singapore)

    d) The real development of ice cream business started after ………… (1815, 1851, 1900) 

B] Put the following sentences in the correct order as given in the test above: [0.5x4=2] 

    a) The introduction of refrigeration led to the development of ice cream business. 

    b) We can get calcium, protein and vitamin from Vanilla ice cream. 

    c) Ice cream became popular with everyone when the idea was carried from Italy to France. 

    d) The major change towards ice cream is that it is eaten at any time. 

C] Answer the following questions: [1.5x4=6]

    a) When did people eat ice cream only in summer? 

    b) What is the basis of preparing ice cream? 

    c) What is used to retain the smoothness of the ice cream? S 

    d) What are added to ice cream as flavour? 

7. Read the following advertisement and do the activities that follow: 


A well renowned English medium school is seeking a dynamic, energetic and qualified secondary level teacher for the following post: 

Post: English Teacher (Full time) 

Qualification: M.Ed. in English 

Salary :         Negotiable 

Experience : At least five years. 

Qualified and interested individuals are requested to apply their applications to the following address with a copy of their academic qualification, CV and a recent PP size photograph within 15th March, 2018. 

Kalika School

Tansen, Palpa

A] Match the words in column 'A' with their meaning in column 'B'. 


    a) seeking i) bio-data 

    b) CV ii) famed 

    c) salary iii) looking for 

    d) renowned iv) remuneration 

B] Complete the following table with the information: correct (0.5 x 4 = 2) 

    a. The number of required post

    b. Salary

    c.  Deadline to apply

    d. Name of the school Kalka School

C] Answer the following questions: (1.5 x 4 = 6) 

    a) What is the advertised post? 

    b) Who can apply for the post? 

    c) What are the things to be submitted along with application? 

    d) Where is the school located? 

8. Complete the following dialogue choosing the correct sentence from the box given below: 

(1x5 = 5)  

A: Excuse me, do you speak in English? 

B: Yes, …………………………..

A: Where is the nearest tourist bank office? 

B: Sorry, I didn't get that …………………

A: I said, where is nearest bank office? 

B: There in one at New Road, just over there. 

A: I see........................ 

B: You can go on foot. ……………………

A: I prefer on foot..................

B: Its' okay, Good bye.  

    - Thank you very much.

    -Just a little. 

    -Could you speak slowly? 

    -If you are in a hurry, you can take a taxi. 

    - How can I get there? 

    - I am fine.

9. Observe the bar graph below and interpret it in your own words: (5) 


10. Write an essay in about 150 words on "Effects of Covid-19 on School Education." (15) 


Write a letter to your little sister describing effects of eating junk food in human health and suggest her to avoid eating such unhealthy foods. 

-The End-

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