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Class 11 (Second Term Question 2078)

 Jana Jiwan Secondary School

Second Terminal Examination 2078

Sub:  C. English                                                                                 F.M. 60

Class: 11                      Time 2:15 hrs.                                               P.M. 24


Candidates are required to give their answers in their words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.


1. Read the text and do the task follow.

Only recently, Wilson and Lloyd George proclaimed their unswerving will to fight on till final victory. In the Italian Chamber the Socialist Mergari was treated like a madman because he had spoken a few natural, human words. And today, with what wooden self-righteousness a Wolff dispatch denies the rumour of a new German peace proposal: “Germany and its allies have not the slightest reason for repeating their magnanimous offer of peace.”

In other words, everything goes on as before, and if anywhere a peaceful blade of grass tries to pierce the ground, a military boot is quick to trample it.

Yet at the same time, we read that peace negotiations have begun in Brest-Litovsk, that Herr Kühlmann has opened the session with a reference to the significance of Christmas and has spoken, in the words of the Gospel, of peace on earth. If he means what he says, if he has even the faintest understanding of those tremendous words, peace is inevitable. Unfortunately, our experience of Bible quotations in the mouths of statesmen has not thus far been encouraging. For many days now, the eyes of the world have been focused upon two places. In those two places, it is widely felt, the destinies of nations are coming to a head, the future beckoning, and disaster threatening. With bated breath the world is looking eastward, to the peace negotiations in Brest-Litovsk. And at the same time, it is watching the western front in dire anguish, for everyone feels, everyone knows that, short of a miracle, the most dreadful disaster that has ever befallen men is there impending: the bitterest, bloodiest, most ruthless and appalling battle of all time.

A. Match the words on the left side with their meanings on the right.    5

a. proclaim                            i. generous or forgiving

b. unswerving                      ii. crush

c. magnanimous                  iii. huge

d. trample                            iv. steady or constant

e. tremendous                     v. declare

B. Answer these questions.               5

a. What did Wilson and Lloyd George decide?

b. Why was the Italian Socialist Mergari treated like a madman?

c. What did Herr Kühlmann do in peace negotiation?

d. What are the two things that the eyes of the world have been focus?

e. What are the most dreadful disaster that has ever befallen on men?

C. Fil in in the blanks                                                                                                           3

a. Wilson and Lloyd George advertised …………………. final triumph.

b. Germany and its allies have not the ……………. their magnanimous offer of peace

c. A peaceful blade of grass tries to spear………………………. stamp it.


2. Write short answer of these questions.                                                      8

a. What bad habits did Aksionov have before his marriage? (God Sees the Truth but Waits)

b. Why does the girl become the topic of conversation for these soldiers? (Two Little Soldiers)

c. Why does the poet compare the world with a stage? (All the World's a Stage)

d. Why does the writer demand security? (What I Require from Life)


3. Write long answer to the following question.                              5

      a. Write the summary of the poem A Red Red Rose. (A Red Red Rose)


4. Write a couple of paragraphs about Role of parentship in the family.                              8


5. Write an email to your friend telling him about superstitions which are still practiced in your   community.         10


6. Complete the following sentences as suggested in the brackets.                          (8×1=8)

a. The cheetah runs fast. (Underline the adverb in the sentence)

b. He……too busy in the office yesterday. (Correct form of verb BE)

c. He jumped ……. the roof and broke his leg. (Put appropriate preposition)

d. Have you ever ……….to London? ( been/gone)

e. I am sure he has a car. (Rewrite using may/might/must/can’t)

f. Mr Sijan is worried about her exam. (Rewrite it by using seem)

g. He said to me, “We lived in China for five years.” (Into indirect speech)

h. I/not hate school from beginning.  Rewrite using Used to)


7. Do as directed.                                                                                         5

a. There is heavy rain outside. The word heavy in the sentence is….

            i) noun   ii) verb   iii) adjective   iv) adverb

b. what did he……… you. ( say/tell)

c. The prefix’ pre’……is used in the word,

            i)  paid       ii) use     iii) part      iv) pay

d.  Some people worship their Gods before they….. (prey/pray)

e. The final sound of the word……………is /IZ/

            i) houses    ii) cats     iii) books     iv) boys

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