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Specification Grid (6-8) 2077


Test Specification Chart and Model Questions for External Examination

 (Grade 6-8)

The final examination is based on the written test which covers reading and writing skills. Grammar is incorporated in writing section. The test follows the following test specification chart.

Reading (25 marks)

The assessment of reading skill follows the following structure:

1.   Reading 1: One short reading text from the textbook with one type of comprehension question (5 marks)

2.   Reading 2: One short reading text from the textbook with one type of comprehension question (5 marks)

3.   Reading 3: One short reading text not given in the textbook with one type of comprehension question (5 marks)

4.   Reading 4: One short reading text not given in the textbook with two types of questions. (10 marks) Note: Text types for reading 3 and 4: Story, timetable, menus, charts, calendar, notice, letter, news stories, brochure, biography/autobiography and short essay).

     The length of the text of reading 3 and 4 should not exceed 250 and 300 words respectively.

     Question types:

1.  True/False

2.  Fill in the gaps

3.  Multiple choice

4.  Matching

5.  Ordering

6.  Short Answer Questions

     Text type should be different for reading 1 and 2. For example, letter in Reading 1 and story in Reading 2.

     Type of texts in Reading 1 and 2 should not be repeated in Reading 3 and 4 too.


Reading 4 should at least contain three questions for testing of vocabulary. The distribution of comprehension questions should be based on the following table:


Type of comprehension

Number of questions


Literal comprehension






Evaluation and reflection


Writing[1] (25 marks)

The assessment of writing skill follows the following structure:

1.   Punctuation: A short and simple paragraph containing ten punctuation errors. (5 marks)

2.   Guided writing: One task: paragraph/ news story/ story/ description of tables/charts and diagrams with some guidelines (5 marks)

3.   Freewriting: One task: personal or official letter, or a short essay (10 marks)

Grammar: 5 marks

The grammar questions should cover the following contents:


Grade 6


Grade 7

Grade 8


1.   Article

2.   Prepositions 3. Tense

4.   Connectives

5.   Comparative superlative

6.    Negation


7.   Common nouns

1.  Article

2.  Prepositions

3.  Tense

4.  Connectives

5.  Comparative    and


6.  Subject Verb agreement

7.  Negation and questions

8.      Reported   speech


1.   Article

2.   Preposition

3.   Tense

4.   Connectives

5.   Question tag

6.   Reported speech

7.   Voice

8.   Conditional



8.  Modal verbs

9.  Used to

10 Imperative

9.  Conditional sentences

10.   Modal verbs

9.     Subject-verb


10. Question    and




Types of questions:

There will be 10 multiple choice questions (one question from each content) for grades 6 and 7. But, the type of questions for grade 8 will be as given below:

1.  Reproduction: It should cover tense, question tag, reported speech, voice, question and negation) (5X0.5=2.5 marks)

2.  Multiple choice (individual sentences or a contextual passage): It should contain article, preposition, connectives, conditional sentence and subject-verb agreement) (5X0.5=2.5) Note:

The writing task type should not be similar to that of reading texts given in the reading section.



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