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Class 9 (Unit 3) PART I - Family, Market and Public Place


Unit 3 Family, Market and Public Places                             

Getting started

What do you think these pictures are related to? How do people make requests in these situations? 

Answer: In the first picture, the man is taking photographs, in the second picture, they are buying goods and in the third picture they are walking in the departure lounge. 

Reading I (Page 27)

Look at the picture below and answer the following questions.

a. What do you see in the picture?

Answer: In the picture we see an old man and two boys. Probably the boys are leaving the house.

b. What is more important for you; family or work or both? Why?

Answer: For me both family and work are important.

A. The words in red in the story correspond to the meanings below. Find the words and write them.

a. a load, typically a heavy one = burden

b. came near = approached

c. so shocked that one is temporarily unable to react = stunned

d. left, especially in order to start a journey = departed

e. a burial ground = graveyard

f. very strange; bizarre = weird

g. satisfied = content

h. shined with energy or happiness = radiated

i. moved or ran somewhere suddenly or rapidly = scurried

B. Read the story again and decide whether the following statements are true or false.

a. Jerry did not use to get letters from his son.

b. The neighbours helped Jerry find the way to meet his son.

c. Thomas was eager to meet his father in his office.

d. Thomas asked his father to stay with him for a week.

e. Thomas felt bad to see his father in his workplace.

f. The story tries to show that parents’ happiness is tied up with their children’s success and happiness.


a. False

b. True

c. False

d. True

e. False

f. True

C. Answer the following questions.

a. Why did Jerry go to the city?

b. What did the father want from his son?

c. Did the father come back to the village happily? Why?

d. What made Thomas decide to visit his father?

e. Why did Jerry take the loan?

f. Why did Jerry return home without telling his son about the loan?

g. What lesson do you learn from this story?



a. He went to city to visit his son.

b. The father wanted his son to go to his home to visit his mother.

c. The son did not agree to fulfill his father’s request because he was busy in his work

d. Smiling and polite behavior of his father made Thomas decide to visit his father.

e. Jerry took the loan for the study of his son.

f. Jerry didn’t want to add burden to his son so he returned home without telling his son about the loan.

g. We learn the lesson "We must give priority to our family" from the story.



D.  Have you ever witnessed or heard such an  event similar to the one in the story?  Share it in small groups.


Grammar I (Page 32)

A. Study the following examples about making requests and offers along with their responses.

a. ‘Can I help you?’ ‘Yes, sure.’

b. ‘Would you like some help?’ ‘Yes, of course.’

c. ‘Would you like to come for lunch this weekend?’ ‘Oh, I’d love to, thank you.’

d. ‘Can you help me with this desk for a moment?’  ‘Yes, sure. Where do you want to put it?'

e. ‘Could you say congratulations to your brother on my behalf?

B. Complete the following conversations using can, could and would.

a.     A: …… I get you something to drink?     

       B: Yes, please. A glass of lemonade for me.

b.    A:…….. you tell me where the nearest community school is, please?  

       B: I’m sorry, I’m not from around here.

c.     A:  ................ you like me to answer the phone?      

       B. Yes, please, that ...... be lovely.

d.    A: I’ve finished my homework. …….. I play now?

        B: OK. You may.

e.     A: ….. I come round to your house sometime later?

        B: Well, actually, my dad’s not feeling well. Maybe another time.

f.     A: ……. you mind passing me that register, please?    

        B: Yes, of course. Here you go.

g.    A: …….. you like me to talk to the head teacher?

        B: Oh. Yes please! …… you?

h.    A: ......... you lend me Rs. 200, please?

        B: I suppose so, but I need it back before next month.

i.      A: ……you mind if I used your pen, madam?

       B: Not at all, go ahead.


a. Can

b. Could

c. Would

d. Can

e. Could

f. Would

g. Would, Could

h. Could

i. Would

Writing I (Page 33)

Write a letter to the head teacher of your school on behalf of your class requesting  him/her to organise an inter-house volleyball tournament in your school. Make requests for managing all required sporting goods for the tournament.



Body paragraph



………………The match will be played among the four houses in the school. It will start after school on Friday. We have requested Mr. Chulung Chaudhary, our sports teacher to help us conduct the match. Mr. Chaudhary is planning to ask three of our senior students to help him. We are thinking of doing the preliminary round of the match on Friday. We plan to do the quarter final and semi final on Monday as it is a public holiday. The final will take place next Friday. The house captains are thinking of forming volunteer team of students to maintain discipline and help the match run smoothly. As Mr. Chaudhary has allowed us, we will be using the school playground and the ball as well as the net.  We have also requested Ms. Manmaya. She is thinking of being the umpire for us. Besides, she is planning to appoint two of the students to keep the score. We hope the play will be great. We, the students in Ashigram Nature Club, would like to ask you to be the chief guest at the programme and encourage the students for better play in a sporting manner.

Thanking you---------



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