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Class 7 (Unit 19) Part I

Unit 19 (page 199)

B. Listen and sing.

What is it?

It has a hard shell,

It doesn't have legs,

It eats plant and leaves,

and it lays tiny eggs.

It is big and brown,

It eats deer for lunch,

It has teeth and claws,

And it runs and hunts.

It is long and grey,

It doesn't have wings.

It eats small fish,

And it has strong fins.

Reading I (page 200)

Guess the answers to these questions.
a. What are the large animals?
b. What do you think is the largest land animal on Earth?


a.     They are elephant, Giraffe, lion, Tiger, rhinoceros etc.

b.     I think elephant is the largest land animal on Earth.

Elephants (page 200)

A. Solve the crossword puzzle.



1. herd

4. mammals

6. tusks

8. gathering

9. scrub


2. dominant

3. matriarchal

5. species

7. pregnancy

B. Write whether the following statements are True or False.
a. There are some land animals larger than elephants.
b. The Asian and the African are the two major species of elephants
found in the world.
c. The African elephants weigh more than the Asian ones.
d. Tusks are of no use for elephants.
e. Elephants spend two third of their time eating.
f. The herd of the elephants is ruled by a male elephant.


a. False

b. True

c. True

d. False

e. True

f. False

C. Answer these questions.
a. What makes an elephant different from all other creatures?
b. Where do African elephants live?
c. What is the average age of the elephants?
d. What common things do elephants and human beings have?
e. How do elephants care weak and injured members?
f. When do the male elephants quit their herd?


a. Elephants look unique because they have long noses, or trunks, large floppy ears and wide, thick legs.

b. African elephants live in Sub-Saharan Africa and the rainforest of central and west Africa.

c. The average of Asian elephants is 60 years.

d. Human beings are left and right-handed, elephants are also either right-tusked or left-tusked.

e. They pay close attention to the well-being of all the members of their herd and will take care of the weak and injured ones.

f. Elephants quit their herd at the age of 8 to 13 years.

Grammar I (page 203)

B. Match the statements in column A with their reported speech in
column B.
a. Knowledge is power .            i. Mr. Sen said that truth always wins.
b. The sun sets in the west.     ii. Chitra said that man is mortal.
c. The earth is round.               iii. She said that honesty is the best policy.
d. All humans are born equal. iv. He said that knowledge is power.
e. Man is mortal.                        v. The teacher told us that the sun sets in the west.
f. Honesty is the best policy.    vi. My father said that the earth is round.
g. Truth always wins.                 vii. She said that all humans are born equal


a. iv

b. v

c. vi

d. vii

e. ii

f. iii

g. i

C. Now report the following statements as in the example below. The beginning of each sentence has been given.

Example: Human blood is red.

Mr. Sen said that human blood is red.

a. The color of day-sky is blue.

     Nita said that .......
b. The earth rotates on its orbit.

     Sabin told me that ......
c. There are seven days in a week.

     Nabina said that .......
d. Diamond is the hardest element.

     The science teacher said that .......
e. Sentences in English are separated by a full stop.

     Our English teacher said that .......
f. Dark clouds are the signs of rain.

     My mother said that .......
g. It’s very cold in the North and South Poles.

     Our geography teacher told us that .....


a. Nita said that the sky is blue

b. Sabin told me that the earth rotates on its axis.

c. Nabina said that there are seven days in a week.

d. The science teacher said that diamond is the hardest element.

e. Our English teacher said that sentences in English are separated by a full stop.

f. My father said that dark clouds are the signs of rain.

g. Our geography teacher told us that it's very cold at the North and South poles.


(My special thanks to Kanchan Chaudhary of Kankali Secondary School for preparing this material.)

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