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Unit 2 (Grade 8) Changing World by Edward de Bono - Reading II

 Unit 2 (Part II)

Reading II

Changing World by Edward de Bono

A. Learn these words from the poem and complete the sentences using them.

[change, suddenly, realize, focus, impacts, indeed]

a. Great people always..........their mistake.

b. The meal was very delicious.........

c. Excessive use of electronic devices has negative.............on our mental health.

d. Thank you for your offer but I cannot…… mind.

e. Our exam is approaching but I cannot.............on my studies.

a. Great people always realize their mistake.

b. The meal was very delicious indeed.

c. Excessive use of electronic devices has negative impacts on our mental health.

d. Thank you for your offer but I cannot change my mind.

e. Our exam is approaching but I cannot focus on my studies.


B. Answer these questions.

a. Why do you think the poet wants to change himself?

b. Why does the poet feel sorry in the poem?

c. What does the poet realise when he grew old?

d. If the poet had changed himself, what could have happened?

e. Is changing the world easy or tough? Give your opinions.

a. I think the poet wants to change himself to have made a good impact on his family, town, nation and the world.

b. The poet feels sorry because he realizes that he couldn’t change the world at first. If he had changed himself earlier, he could have made a bigger difference in the world.

c. When the poet grew old, he realises that he can change himself but not the outside world.
d. If the poet had changed himself, he could have made impact on his family, town, nation, and the world.

e. Changing the world is tough. The poet's realization indicates that creating significant change is difficult and requires personal growth and transformation.


C. How can we change ourselves and the society? Discuss.

We can change ourselves and the society by doing creative and good activities. We must first pursue personal improvement if we are to transform both ourselves and society. We can better appreciate the difficulties we confront if we educate ourselves about social issues and make others aware of them. Making a lasting influence on ourselves and society also requires pushing for change and backing systemic reforms.


Writing II (page 23)

B. Imagine you are the head teacher. Write a reply email responding to the request made by Kabir Jha to use the hall.

May 5, 2023



Subject: Giving Permission to Use the Hall

Dear Kabir Jha,

I appreciate your email. The cultural program you and your friends have arranged for this exclusive occasion excites me. I am fully impressed.


Regarding your request to use the hall for a rehearsal during the lunch break, I admire your initiative in making the request. I'm happy to let you know that your fellow competitors are welcome to utilize the venue for their rehearsals after taking into account your request. They want to rehearse there for a few days, like you indicated. As long as it doesn't interfere with any existing events or lessons, that should be acceptable. Please make sure that the rehearsals are organized and that the hall is left clean and orderly at the end of each session.

I appreciate your passion and commitment to make this program a success. I wish you and your team the best of luck with the event overall and the rehearsals.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any more queries and need any help. I will certainly help you. We want to keep records in different sectors from students' side as we did earlier. Thank you.


Warm regards,

Anupam Pandit

Head Teacher


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