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Grade 11 (Unit 5) LD Life and Love (The Looking Glass)

Grade 11 (Unit 5) LD Life and Love (The Looking Glass) Doc. 

 Unit: 5 Life and Love

The Looking Glass

Ways with words

A. Match the words with their meanings.


a. exhausted -        vi. tired

b. apparent-           vii. clear

c. vista -                i. vision

d. undulating-        ii. wavy

e. destined -          iii. predetermined

f. stuffy -               v suffocating, airless

g. restrain -            iv. prevent, hinder

B. Write the meaning and word class of the following words. Then use them in sentences of your own.

a. implore


meaning- beg someone earnestly or desperately to do something

word class- verb

sentence- My uncle implored me to stay.

b. despair


meaning- without hope

word class- noun

sentence- He failed each time so he was in despair.

c. beseech


meaning- ask (someone) urgently and fervently to do something; implore; entreat

sentence- Her mother beseeched her to stay.

d. eloquent


meaning- fluent or persuasive in speaking or writing.  

word class- adjective

sentence- Her silence was more eloquent than words.

e. whirl


meaning- a rapid movement of something turning round and round / a state of confusion

word class- noun

sentence- I question was tough so my head was in a whirl.

f. egoism


meaning- an ethical theory that treats self-interest as the foundation of morality

word class- noun

sentence- Too much egoism is harmful for the progress of self.

g. agony


meaning- extreme physical and mental pain

word class- noun

sentence- The tourist crashed in agony.

h. delirious

Answer: meaning- unable to think or speak clearly because of high temperature (fever) or mental confusion

word class- adjective

sentence- Samjhana became delirious and couldn’t recognize people.

i. delusive


meaning- giving a false or misleading impression

word class- adjective

sentence- The patient had delusive faith in the “wonder drug”, even though he had little chance of being cured

j. compensate


meaning- to provide something for the loss or misfortune to keep balance

word class- verb

sentence- The government has compensated for the loss of paddy due to flooding in the central Terai.

k. mortgage


meaning- an agreement that allows you to borrow money from a bank or similar organization

word class- noun

sentence- He mortgaged his land to support his son for his higher study.

l. brood


meaning- a family of birds or other young animals produced at one hatching or birth

word class : noun

sentence- The brood of the creature is sensitive.

m. prelude


meaning- an action or event that happens before another more important one and forms an introduction to it / any action, event, comment, etc. that precedes something else.  

word class- noun

Sentence- Movie trailers are often used as a prelude to feature films


Adjectives ending in –ing describe what someone or something is like, whereas adjectives ending in –ed describe how someone feels.

D. Choose the correct word.

a. Sarita was shocking/shocked to hear about earthquake.

b. I think that rainy days in winter are depressing/depressed.

c. The football match was very exciting/excited. I enjoyed it.

d. The meals at Delight Café are satisfying/satisfied.

e. I've got nothing to do. I'm boring/bored.

f. Tanka is very good at telling funny stories. He can be very amusing/amused.

g. The teacher's explanation was confusing/confused. Most of the students didn't understand it.

h. He is such a boring/bored person. He never wants to go out.

i. I will be surprising/surprised if she does well in her test.

j. Are you interesting/interested in politics?


E. Write the correct form of the adjective in the blanks as in the example.

Example - Grammar rules frustrate me. They're not logical. They are so frustrating. a. They frustrate me but they don't bore me. I never get …… when I study grammar.

Answer: They frustrate me but they don't bore me. I never get bored when I study grammar.

b. If teachers want to interest the students, they must use …… materials.

Answer: If teachers want to interest the students, they must use interesting materials.

c. Certain stories interest almost everybody. For example, most students are …… in fairy tales.

Answer: Certain stories interest almost everybody. For example, most students are interested in fairy tales.

d. Certain things frighten me, but I never get …… when I speak English.

Answer: Certain things frighten me, but I never get frightened when I speak English.

e. If I get a good grade, that excites me. And if I get more than ninety percent, I am really ……

Answer: If I get a good grade, that excites me. And if I get more than ninety percent, I am really excited.



Answer these questions.

a. Who was Nellie? What did she use to dream of?

Answer: Nellie was the daughter of a landowner and general. She was young and pretty girl. She used to dream of being married.

b. What was she doing with the looking glass?

Answer: She was gazing into the looking glass with exhausted, half-closed eyes.

c. Why did she go to the doctor on one winter night?

Answer: She went to the doctor one night because her husband was ill.

d. What was Stepan Lukitch doing when she reached his bedroom?

Answer: Stepan Lukitch was lying on his bed when she reached his bedroom.

e. Why was the doctor not ready to go to see her husband?

Answer: The doctor was not ready to go to see her husband because for the last three days he had been away, seeing typhus patients. He was also exhausted and ill.

f. Why did Stepan Lukitch suggest Nellie to go to the Zemstvo doctor?

Answer: Stepan Lukitch suggested Nellie to go to the Zemstvo doctor because he was in a fever and his head was in a whirl.

g. Nellie said, “Come, perform that heroic deed! Have pity on us!" What was that pity to be done?

Answer: The doctor had to treat Nellie’s husband.

h. When Nellie said, "I must have fallen asleep." What does it mean?

Answer: Nellie stopped dreaming and was ready for facing the realities of life.

i. What is the main theme of the story?

Answer: The story possesses the theme of love, devotion, fear, loneliness, escape, dedication, expectation, hope, passion, defeat and independence etc.

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