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Essay (The Telephone)

The Telephone

Telephone is the best means of communication. It is used in every part of the world. The telephone is invented by American scientist Graham Bell in 1876. It is a part of our life. Nowadays people feel great inconvenience without a telephone. There are many varieties of telephones. VHF telephone, landline telephone, prepaid mobile telephone, postpaid mobile telephone and so on are the main varieties of the telephone. In our county, mobile phones are used by many people because they are easily got from different shops.

Telephone has two parts. One is a receiver and another is a transmitter. Electricity is necessary for the telephone. Sound is carried through electricity or air. One can dial the number of another person and another person can hear the telephone call. The second person receives the call and they start talking.

As its name suggests ‘tele’ means far and ‘phone’ means sound. By using this machine we can hear the sound of long-distance. It is very useful to us. We can talk to a person who is very far from us. It is easy, time-consuming and cheap as well. We can inform very fast by using it. For example, robbery, firing, accident etc can be informed very fast by using telephone. We can contact to the people of the world without going to their places. Various messages can be conveyed by sitting at home. So it is very useful for us. The government should decrease the fees of telephone so that many people can use it and get advantages from it.

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