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Essay (Newspaper)



There are different means of communication. Among them, newspaper is one. In Nepal, so many newspapers are published. Some of them are daily newspapers and some of them are weekly and so on. Some of the newspapers are in Nepali medium and some newspapers are in English medium. The Rising Nepal is one of the most popular English daily newspapers in Nepal.

A newspaper gives the news and views of different people. In developing countries like Nepal where there are fewer facilities for email, internet and so on newspaper plays a vital role in the field of communication. Gorkhapatra, Kantipur, the Rising Nepal, the Kathmandu Post etc, are the most common newspapers in Nepal. There are some local newspapers in the main cities of Nepal.

The newspaper gives us recent news. Only literate persons can read newspapers so literate persons can get benefit from the newspapers. An illiterate person can not get benefit from the newspapers. Newspapers must publish good news. Twisted and broken news must not be published because they may mislead the people. People can tell their problems to the government by means of newspapers. They may guide the government. Government can work according to the interest of the people.

Newspapers are available in every town and city of Nepal. Many people enjoy reading newspapers. So many articles are published in newspapers which are very interesting to read. Students can also get benefit from the newspapers. Important notices, information and advertisements are also published in newspapers. So they are very important for all.

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