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Essay (Tourism in Nepal)

Tourism in Nepal

A person who travels from one place to another is known as a tourist. The trade which is for tourists is known as tourism.  The people who travel inside their country are known as internal tourists and the people who travel outside their country are known as external tourists. In other words, internal tourists visit their own country whereas external tourists travel abroad. External tourists are important for a country because they are a good source of income. They are our paying guests.

There is a good possibility of tourism in Nepal because Nepal is full of beautiful scenery. Nepal is rich in various resources and cultural diversities. Many tourists come to Nepal to see its god–gifted natural sceneries. They are green forests the flora and fauna, the snow-capped peaks, the antique and artistic temples. Typical remote and unspoiled villages, their cultures, traditions, and their unique natural beauty, etc. are the attractions of Nepal. The tourists spend foreign currency which can be used to develop our country and import foreign goods. They purchase our traditional art and handicrafts. Many people can have benefit from hotel Industries for tourists. We can learn foreign languages as well as cultures from them. It helps us to cultivate a broad outlook. They help to make our country known to the rest of the world. We can find some disadvantages from tourism, too. Some of them may have bad habits that may spoil our young generation.

There is no doubt that tourism is a good source of income. It supports the nation’s economy. The government should implement effective programmes for tourists, which can attract more tourists to our country.

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