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Essay (Importance of Agriculture in Nepal)


Importance of Agriculture in Nepal

Nepal is a developing country. Most of the people in Nepal live in villages. Nepal is widely known as an agricultural country. About 93% of its people depend on agriculture. Total land worth cultivation is limited in our country. Most people remain busy digging and plowing the limited land to grow more and more crops. However, they can not produce good crops because of the lack of good and technical knowledge. It is true that agriculture in Nepal has great importance. Many families cannot even service without the practice of agriculture. Whatever the importance of agriculture might be, no country can achieve real prosperity simply through a pure agriculture economy. It is time now that agriculture should be minimized and industry or manufacture should be started.

We should know how both agriculture and industry can be developed parallelly. Also, all the land should not be used for industry only.

With agricultural development, we can supply foodstuffs for people and pets. At the same time, we can provide raw materials necessary for industries. Agriculture is successful to solve the problem of unemployment also. Agriculture is the backbone of nation’s economy. The national income of the people depends on agriculture in Nepal. So agriculture in Nepal has

great importance.

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