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Essay (Value of Time)

Value of Time

We are in this world for a few years. We have to do a lot of duties in this period of time, therefore, we must use our time wisely. Time and tide waits for none. Time always moves forward. Time once gone never comes back. It cannot be measured with price or money so it is the most valuable thing in life. Success and failure of the people depend on the use of time. The people who use their time properly will get success in their life.

What we need can be bought but time can never be bought. Time always fleets without any rest. It cannot be controlled or limited by any power. Even the smallest unit of time is more valuable than any of the metals such as gold, silver, and diamond.

Time is equally important for all in this vast world. There is a saying time and tide waits for no man. It means that time once lost can never be regained so we have to make a routine to use our time. We should develop the habit of doing everything in the right time. We shouldn’t waste our time on useless activities like playing cards, gossiping and so on.  People who give great value to time become successful in their lives. Those who missed good opportunities of time were never successful.

We must use our time in good actions. It must not be wasted in idle deeds. Time bears great importance for people to make their future bright. Time is as important as life. If we know the value of time only then we can achieve great success in life.


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