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Essay (Importance of Education)

 Importance of Education

The word education is derived from Latin words ‘E’ and ‘Duco’. ‘E’ means inside and ‘Duco’ means to grow up. So the etymological meaning of education is to grow up from inside. Education is the light of life. Education is necessary for the progress of the people of a country. Without proper education, no country can achieve any remarkable progress. Education is therefore an important factor for development. If People are educated, they can acquire good knowledge of different things. Education is that thing which is helpful to change the behaviour of a person.

Education is useful to people of almost all professions. If farmers are educated, they can do their best in farming. They would also develop better way of cultivation. They can use pesticides and fertilizers properly. Education is the basic need for producing manpower such as doctors, pilots, teachers, farmers or policemen etc. If a person is not educated, the person won’t get job or employment. Good education is also necessary for earning a living. Any person can earn name and fame if he/she is well educated.

Education has its own value. An educated person can be admired by other people, too. Thus, education is the most essential part of our life. Therefore we can say that education is necessary for all.

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