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Essay (The Festival I Like Most)


The festival I like most

Nepal is rich in culture. So many feasts and festivals are observed in Nepal. Most of the people in Nepal are Hindus. So, Hindu festivals are very common in Nepal. Many festivals are observed in my community. Dashain, Tihar, Holi, Janai Purnima etc, are the most common festivals in my community. Among these festivals, I like Dashain most.

Dashain is the greatest festival of Hindu people. It lies in the month of October. This festival is observed for fifteen days. During this festival, all the schools, campuses and offices remain closed. So, all the family members come back to their houses. They get the chance to meet each other. The surroundings are kept clean. People paint their houses beautifully. 

During this festival, people worship Durga who is the goddess of power and strength. Different animals are sacrificed to goddess Durga. People recite holy book Chandi to worship Durga. The tenth day of Dashain is the most important. On this day seniors mark the foreheads of juniors by putting coloured spot known as Tika. Children are very happy in this festival because they get new dresses to wear. They eat good food during this festival. They go outside to play swing also.

All the members of the family come back in their houses. They share their happiness and sorrows. Children are very happy during this festival. The weather is also good in this festival because it lies in autumn season which is neither hot nor cold. Because of these reasons, Dashain is the festival I like most.

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